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What's the Link Between Endometriosis and Fertility Problem?

According to some data, nearly one third of women with endometriosis have fertility problem. One of the best wishes for them is capable of getting pregnant successfully. In fact, endometriosis can affect women in different ways. Sometimes, many women who get pregnant successfully still worry about the effect of their endometriosis on their pregnancy and delivery.

It is important to aware that not all women with endometriosis have trouble with fertility. Only 30% of women with this condition will have to confront the infertility problem. The reasons that endometriosis can result in infertility includes the following:
1. Problems with the embryo implanting in the wall of the uterus
2. Problems with the development of the egg
3. Change of the organs in the pelvis such as the fallopian tubes

One theory that's arouses people's eyes suggests the infertility problem in women with endometriosis may be related to an underlying immune condition that increases inflammation. Inflammation is triggered, simply, by chemicals known as cytokines, launched once the defense mechanisms sweeps directly into fix an issue. Endometrial tissue outside the uterus is just one of individuals' problems. And, actually, studies find greater amounts of cytokines within the fluid inside the peritoneum, which encloses the reproductive organs. Other studies claim that high amounts of cytokines can adversely affect not just fertility, but the results of pregnancy and the healthiness of embryos. Cytokines also affects the healthiness of your eggs, with studies discovering that women with endometriosis convey more problems associated with remarkable ability to create healthy eggs than individuals without. Unhealthy eggs are a smaller amount prone to result in a pregnancy even when a sperm reaches them.

The inflammatory theory above also will get support from baboon studies, which found the link between endometriosis and infertility in animals. The fertility rate is enhanced once animals received anti-inflammatory treatment. Studies in females are actually concentrating on the possibility advantages of anti-inflammatory drugs to deal with endometriosis.

The most well known anti-inflammatory treatment is herbal supplement of Fuyan Pill. Unlike most western anti-inflammatory drugs, Fuyan pill is totally extracted from natural herbs, so it has no side effects and drug resistance as anti-inflammatories and hormones have. Some of the components used to make this pill can kill viruses and bacteria effectively. Some of the components can get rid of toxic material and heat. After taking this pill, lots of women with endometriosis have got pregnant successfully.

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