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Herbal Medicine is Far More Excellent Than Surgery on Curing Endometriosis

As a stubborn condition that brings so many annoying and miserable symptoms and consequences to women, the endometriosis always uses the surgery as a treatment. However, more and more women with endometriosis abandon the surgery due to the side effects that the surgeries have.

Surgeries like Laparoscopy, Laparotomy or major abdominal surgery and Hysterectomy are three that most frequently applied. But not all women can take surgeries. Surgeries are more common on women who have severe endometriosis.

Side effects of surgeries on women with endometriosis commonly are postoperative infection, infertility and so on. On the contrary, herbal medicine has no such side effects.

Take, Fuyan pill, one of a famous herbal medicine for endometriosis for example. This herbal medicine won’t bring postoperative infection to women. It is known to all that the main reason of postoperative infection is the unquailed sterilization and unhealthy living habit. Fuyan pill is an orally taken herbal medicine and can also improve the immunity of women. So there is no need to worry about unqualified sterilization and worry about infection from unhealthy living habits.

Fuyan pill is simple and easy to be taken. To take surgeries, no matter how minimal the surgery is, there is still cut and women can feel pain. Moreover, before taking surgery, women also have to do preparation such as testing and no eating. However, taking Fuyan pill as a treatment won’t bother women so much. The ingredients of Fuyan pill are from plants and women just need finish two packs of Fuyan pill every day.

Fuyan pill is suitable for women with mild and severe endometriosis. Due to the unique features of endometrium tissues, endometriosis can only be radial by removing uterus when it is severe. Therefore, Surgeries only suits for severe women because there is no need for women whose endometriosis is mild to remove the uterus of part of the uterus. Fuyan pill not only can solve mild endometriosis for women, but also the severe endometriosis. Fuyan pill can solve severe endometriosis without remove the uterus. By adding different herbs in, Fuyan pill can dissolve the stasis and eliminate the endometrium tissues for women. Women can maintain their uterus and fertility ability.

All in all, herbal medicine is far more excellent than surgeries on curing endometriosis.

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