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Artificial Abortion Can Cause Endometriosis, How to Cure and Prevent It?

Artificial abortion is a surgery to stop the progress of gestation within 26 weeks after pregnancy. The surgery which can be done within 3 months after pregnancy is called early abortion. Late-term abortion is a surgery done after pregnancy for 3 to 6 months. The first one can be eliminated by suction drainage and clamp scraping. The second situation needs mainly midtrimester induction of labor. Recently, mifepristone drugs can be used when the pregnancy is within 7 weeks too. According to the pregnant time a woman gets and the unique situations of them, the treatments can be decided. Artificial abortion has many complications, a normal one is endometriosis, how to cure it?

Harms of artificial abortion include endometriosis. If there are excessive uterine aspirations and curettages, cervical canal and endometrium will be hurt, this can lead to adhesion or blockage of cervix. If endometrial basal layer is removed, endometrium is not able to grow anymore, this will lead to long-term amenorrhoea and infertility.

Other harms such as salpingitis which can be caused by artificial abortion, it will lead to salpingemphraxis, make the meeting of eggs and sperms very hard and cause infertility. Another one may take place if too many artificial abortions are done, since they can cause loose cervix and infertility. Several artificial abortions are able to hurt cervix, cause scars in cervix muscle and fiber breaking, then lead to habitual abortion which is not easy to be cured.

How to cure endometriosis? One treatment is conservative treatment. Often tamoxifen, nemestran and provera are used to stop the coming of menstrual period and cause false pregnancy. But these drugs have serious side effects and are harmful to liver and kidney. Surgery is another treatment. But after surgery, endometriosis can occur again in the future, let alone wound left by the surgery. Compared with the first and second treatment, the third one is the best, it is Fuyan Pill, a type of TCM. It is totally safe and green like food we eat, has no side effect, will not cause wound, it can cure endometriosis within several months and you will not get it again.

But it is obviously that if there is no artificial abortion, then there will have no endometriosis caused by it. So preventions of artificial abortion are important. Female in child bearing period need to think carefully what kind of contraceptive method they need to prevent them from getting pregnant accidently, decrease the rate of artificial and avoid it. Common methods are medicines and tools. According to Statistics, if use the morning-after pill correctly, the prevention rate is 70 percent to 85 percent, by using condom, the rate it 80 percent to 90 percent. Only talking about contraception effect, the most effective one for now is oral contraceptive which has short-term effect, if use it correctly, the rate for contraception can reach more than 95 percent.

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