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Do you know the causes of endometriosis?

Endometriosis affects a woman's reproductive organs when the lining cells of the uterus grow outside of it. But how to cause endometriosis?


1. Menstrual disorders
especially performance in menstrual cycle shortened, frequent menstruation, heavy menstrual quantity, the period is too long, the abdominal pain during menstrual period, etc. These menstrual disease increase the times and quantity of menstruation that flow to the pelvic cavity via the fallopian tube. Patients who is accompanied by menstruation pain, especially with severe abdominal pain will cause strong of the uterus’ contraction due to increase secretion of prostaglandin in the blood. At the same time, it increases the chance of menstrual blood back-flow and endometrial debris free move.


2. Ignore the menstrual health
during menstruation, pelvic is congesting and uterine contraction with the increased frequency and intensity, uterus is sensitive at this time. If do not pay attention to of modern nursing, too excited exercise, nervous irritability, anxiety and fear, overworked, strenuous exercise will cause position mutation and lead to endometriosis. Women especially should avoid sexual intercourse during the menstruation. And unnecessary pelvic examination of department of gynaecology or excessive extrusion; Menstrual period using vaginal suppository are easy to increase the chances of blood back-flow.

3. The malposition of the uterus
Normal uterine position is forward tent and bends, so that is facilitate blood to flow. If uterine is backward retroversion, especially in the heavy degree is easy to cause poor circulation of blood. If the menstruation blood accumulate in uterine cavity will increase the pressure of the uterine cavity, create conditions for blood flow into the abdominal cavity.


4. Abnormal genital organs

Abnormal genital organs include congenital dysplasia and illness caused by later birth. It is difficult to avoid Congenital dysplasia is the uterus and vaginal close, the hymen atresia, etc. The illness caused by later birth because artificial abortion, uterus and vaginal surgery, use of vaginal drug, leading to the formation of the adhesion of cervix and vagina. Menstrual blood cannot discharge outside and intrauterine pressure increased will lead to blood back-flow into the pelvic cavity. Therefore, patients with primary or secondary amenorrhea should be timely check disease and treatment.

5.the gynecological operation
Doing artificial abortion for many times can make the change of uterine cavity pressure, Because of uterine contractions, it is hard to avoid endometrial debris and blood flow into the pelvic cavity via the fallopian tube. If do not deal with postoperative complications timely, can also increase the likelihood of blood back-flow and endometrial planting.


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