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Endometriosis-The treatments and preventions you should learn

According to the clinic statistics, uterine diseases are very common among the gynecological illnesses. One of them named endometriosis is more popular. The coming of the disease can bring into painful menstruation, menstrual abnormality, painful intercourse, etc, even what is more terrible, it can lead to infertility. Considering about this, how to face with endometriosis becomes very important, on one hand, doing a good prevention should be necessary, on the other hand, do not ignore to have a timely treatment. Now, let’s attach importance on the treatments & preventions on endometriosis.

Endometriosis Treatments
In current society with western medicine leading market, it is natural for many patients to choose the western medicine, the treatments of western medicine have mainly the two kinds, one is drugs, and the other is surgery. As for the western medicines on the treatment of endometriosis, they mainly are some hormonal drugs, reaching a certain effect through pseudopregnancy therapy. Obviously, its effect is only short term, but the bad effects of hormonal drugs are very clear.
Surgery for endometriosis is taken with the reference to patients’ detailed situations, if patients are young with the demands for pregnancy, then it is necessary to try best to maintain the uterus and its accessories, only removing the damaged parts. However, supposed the patient is elder with a severity, especially for patient with recurrent history, hysterectomy should be recommended. In a word, surgery does absolutely a great hurt on the body, therefore, patients should caution, particular in the problem with the demand of pregnancy. Then, facing to such a situation, a conservative treatment is suggested greatly, such as: taking a oral Chinese herbal medicine named Fuyan Pill.

Compared with most western treatments, the Chinese herbal medicine has its own way to cure endometriosis; the key point is that it is no any bad effects and damages. Thus it has an advantage in the whole. Like the Chinese herbal medicine named Fuyan Pill, it is a good formula, obeying with the principle of herbal treatments, with the functions of detoxifying and sterilizing, promoting the blood circulation to remove the blood stasis, etc., it can cure completely this disease.

Endometriosis Preventions
1. Try best to reduce the abortion and curettage, having a good protective intercourse.
Abortion and curettage can not only be easy to induce endometriosis but also bring into a greater damage to female body; therefore, female friends must notice these.
2. Avoid of some unnecessary gynecological examinations during the period of menstruation, especially for some rough checks. Because this will make endometrium be crushed into the fallopian tube then endometriosis will occur. If this is necessary, thus the action must be gentle during the procedure of the surgery.
3, female patients should adjust their own mood, keeping an optimistic mind. This can help immune system be normal, decreasing the occur of diseases, In addition, female friends should pay much attention to keep warm and do more exercises in daily life.



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