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Natural Remedies for Endometriosis Treatment

 Endometriosis, as is known to all, is a common disease among the females. It is reported that the number of women affected is between 6%–10%, and the disease may lead to infertility and chronic pelvic pain (35–50%).
How does the endometriosis form? First of all, the normal endometrium which is also called the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus. It can grow in pelvic cavity, vagina, rectum and somewhere else. Then, as we all know, the endometrium that grows in the uterus will be shed by the body if you do not become pregnant that month. However, the tissue that grows outside of the uterus cannot be shed. As a result, the tissue will probably cause irritation, inflammation and the formation of the scar.

endometriosis treatment

Once you are infected with endometriosis, what kind symptoms you will get? If the tissue grows outside your body, it may prevent the egg from getting out of the ovaries and may block the fallopian tubes. Consequently, the sperm and the egg are hard to meet together, which will finally lead to infertility. Besides, endometriosis may also lead infections in pelvis, and urinary tract and somewhere else. The infection may cause pelvic pain, painful intercourse, or painful urination. It will probably disturb your menstrual periods. For example, your will have heavy periods or spotting between periods.
Nowadays, there are main two ways to cure the disease, surgery and medication. However, most of the female want to cure endometriosis without surgery, and they choose to take medicines. And many will use antibiotics or painkillers to stop the disease. But the more they take the medicine, the less effective the medicine will be. This reason is that the medicine may lead to drug-resistance, thus reducing the function to cure the disease. Therefore, it is important to seek for a natural medicine for endometriosis.
Fuyan pill is the creation of Dr. Lee who spent over 30 years on studying  the female diseases, and it is a combination of the modern TCM theories and Dr. Lee’s clinical experience. Fuyan pill can detoxify and is helpful for the blood circulation as well as detoxification and some other functions. Now fuyan pill is mainly used to cure the infection caused by chlamydia, infection in the vagina, and cervix infection, PID, endometriosis and other diseases in females.
Why is fuyan pill so powerful? In the point of the TCM, the diseases in females mostly relate to the imbalance of the regulation of the body, so the treatment to cure the diseases in TCM is mainly about blood circulation, and detoxification and others. Fuyan pill is the optimum choice to cure endometriosis, just patients take the medicine based the prescription.




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