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Best endometriosis treatment option

Generally speaking, treatment for endometriosis needs careful consideration and some factors need to be weighed such as age, the severity of symptoms, and patients desire for fertility. Commonly, woman should refer to a gynecologist for treatment, and sometimes a definite diagnosis needs to be done with the laparoscopy. The information below explains the options available for endometriosis treatment and how to decide the best option to treat your own unique situation.


Categories of treatment:
1.Hormonal therapy
Hormone treatment works to block or reduce the estrogens production of body and put woman into an artificial pregnancy state or menopausal state, making endometriosis unable to continue growing and helping to relieve symptoms. Oral contraceptives and vaginal rings are usually used to control hormone. Please note that this therapy has no effect on adhesions and the endometriosis may return if you stop the treatment.
2.Pain relieve
The main symptom of endometriosis is pelvic pain, but not all women have pain. Doctor may recommend aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and acetaminophen and so on. These drugs work to reduce pain, however, this is not a satisfactory long-term solution for many women, because painkillers don't make implant shrink.


best endometriosis treatment option
3.Conservative surgery
If you have endometriosis and prepare to get pregnant, your doctor may recommend laparoscope. Laparoscope is common procedure used to diagnose and treat endometriosis and used to remove implants and scar tissue. However, laparoscopy is a relatively but not absolutely safe operation. There are risks and complications during and after the surgery. During procedure, complications include uncontrolled bleeding, damage to organs such as bowel. After surgery, it is likely to cause wound infection, uterus infection.
If you have severe endometriosis and have no plans to get pregnant, a total hysterectomy will be considered. It is a long-term solution and can help with pain as well. This surgery is to remove the uterus and cervix as well as both ovaries. It is only recommended when other treatment approaches do not improve your condition and the pain and inflammation greatly impact your quality of life. Patients, especially for women of reproductive age, must be very cautious, because they can't get pregnant after a total hysterectomy.
In addition, after ovaries are removed, patients will undergo the severe side effects of low estrogen levels . And your risk of future osteoporosis will increase without any measures to protect your bones when you start menopause early.
When it comes to treatments for endometriosis, there are some diet and natural options. For example, reduce your chemical intake by limiting your intake of animal fat, eat more vegetables and flaxseeds. Maybe you can try herbal medicine. An increasing number of women with endometriosis have been treated. Fuyan pill is prominent among the herbal medicines. Fuyan pill is made with more than 50 kinds of precious herbs and its goal is to regulate blood to alleviate pain, clear away heat and reduce fire to clear implants naturally. More and more women choose this treatment and they get pregnant finally. 
Choose best treatment for you:
Because of different individual circumstances, I don’t recommend any particular treatment, but support patients to choose appropriate treatment options.
1.For women with mild symptoms
If you have mild symptoms, you may choose more limited medical treatment. You can take painkillers into consideration to relieve pelvic pain first. In addition, you’d better take regular exams so that your doctor can monitor the condition and make sure whether endometriosis gets worse or not. Surgery is not recommended for women with mild symptoms. Surgery has its risks of injection and complications and there is no need to take surgery, patient can be treated with more safe treatment such as Fuyan pill. Please note that pain relievers can cause fairly serious side effects and they do not help with stopping the progression of endometriosis. Excess painkillers are not helpful with your condition. 
2.For women with serious symptoms 
If you have severe symptoms and medical treatment doesn’t work, you may choose surgery such as laparoscope. If you have no desire of getting pregnant, a total hysterectomy recognized as the most effective treatment for endometriosis may be helpful.  
Please think carefully and consult with your doctor before you choose treatment.

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