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Endometriosis Infertility Treatment: Herbal Medicines vs IVF ?

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"Hi,doctor. I am xx, 29 years old .I have been diagnosed with severe endometriosis. I have been TTC for a year and a half. Due to the severity of my endometriosis, my fallopian tubes have been pretty much rendered useless. I am still in severe pain every month but due to where my endometriosis is left too close to my uterus, they cannot operate further. I am on waiting list for IVF , but i cam across to see your pills online,so here i'm asking whether your pills can help me get a cure so that i can get pregnant asap ? And what's the advantages of your pills than IVF ? And How can i buy in Canada ? ? "


And following was a replied letter by Dr.Lee,i quotated here and hope the answers will help other customers who have same problems.

"Hi,friend,how's today ? Thanks for your inquirying and i will reply your answers one by ones to better help you.

About Q1 : Pls dont worry,your condition was curable and Fuyan Pills can help you cure Endometriosis.Fuyan Pill is the medication for eliminating inflammation, killing bacteria, clearing heat and promoting blood circulation.The pills was a patented product and made of Chinese herbs, which are safe and effective, with no side effects. I suggest you take the pills for 3-4 months to get a cure.Generally you’ll feel changes/improvements in a month and all symptoms will be gone after 3-6 months.And in order to give you some confidence,i will share you some Endometriosis cured stories shared by our patients,see here : Endometriosis Infertility Treatment Success Cases

About Q2 : IVF vs Herbs For Endometriosis

IVF will help couples who are unable to conceive naturally are now given a chance to have a baby. Though the success rate of IVF is raising,yet,in the most time,doctor will not suggest that all women with infertility-related endometriosis should automatically resort to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). In spite of having reduced fertility potential, many women with mild to moderate endometriosis can and do go on to conceive on their own (without treatment). It is just that the chance of this happening is so is much lower than normal. So for young ovulating women (under 35 years) with endometriosis, who have normal reproductive anatomy and have fertile male partners, expectant treatment is often preferable to Natural Treatment. However, if there is any other factor is added, to the equation (pelvic adhesions, ovarian chocolate cysts, male infertility, immunologic implantation problems, advancing age (over 35 years) or diminishing ovarian reserve, IVF becomes the treatment of choice.

TCM Herbs For Endometriosis

Chinese herbs have been used for approximately 2500 years to treat a wide array of health problems. Herbal medicines may enhance fertility by supporting the natural functions of the ovulation and fertility process.Herbs Medicin fuyan pills was the new introducted Endometriosis Infertility Treatment.which was made with more than 50 kinds of precious herbs ,it is natural without side effects.Fuyan pill can also help you by reducing inflammation, promoting circulation to reduce excess tissues,improve blood circulation and ease the pain,and also can improve the immunity and strengthen the self-healing ability ,it is one of the most recommended herbal medicine for gynecological diseases treatment.

What's the advantages of Herbs than IVF ?

1. According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, the average cost of IVF cycle in the usa was $12400USD,while for herbs medicine is cheaper but effective,the effects of herbal medicines are generally cumulative, and the clinical effects of treating the infertile couple are usually seen after 60-120 days.  Herbs are also cycle-dependent.

2.IVF will bring some side effects and the symptoms maybe recurrence future,while the Herbal Medicine can help get rid of diseases from root cause and it used natural herbs,safe and no any side effects .

3.IVF will not suit for women who wanna to get pregnant naturally.

So,personal suggestion natural treatment first,or if you dont care much about  price and indeed more trust surgerical treatment and wanna to get pregnant quicker,then you can accept IVF treatment and in order to get a better improvement,you can also take our pills after surgery,because,our pills can help eliminate inflammation, kill bacteria, clear heat and promot blood circulation.

About Q3 : Sorry to say that we dont have physical store in canada,yet,if you are planning to give our pills a shot, you can directly purchase fuyan pill from https://global.fuyanpills.com/Fuyan_pill/ ,we have many canada customers,the payment is safe,so,pls dont worry. When we receive your payment, we will send the medicine timely and provide you a tracking number. It takes about 7-10 days for you to receive it.

Hope my answers will help you,if you have any other questions, just online chat with me or send emails to herbalistlee@yahoo.com or wuhandrlee@hotmail.com !

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