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How to relieve endometriosis pain through Fuyan Pill?

It's clinically agreed that endometriosis can be divided into four stages, based on location, amount, depth, and size of lesions. The pain associated with endometriosis may not  be in concordance with respective stage, which means,  for example, a women with stage 1 endometriosis could have significant pain but very few symptoms while those with stage 4  may feel slight in pain but severe in symptoms like infertility.


Endometriosis pain  will be constant or cyclical and normally coincides with women’s menstruation. It's a same feeling among a majority of  women that they will feel severe discomfort with ovulation, suffer great pain in pelvic and feel painful while urinating and having bowel movement even making general physical movement like exercise and long- time standing. Moreover, pain during or after intercourse is also a vexation for suffers.

Fuyan pill is made up of a variety of precious herbs, which have the faculty of nourishing viscera by entering easily into the organs.  Fuyan Pill hold many advantages, one of which is tonifying liver, spleen, and kidney and improving the flow of Qi.  It is developed on such fact that the uterus and the liver are closely related and the liver maintains patency or free flow of the qi or vital energy of the body. And the liver, spleen, and kidney channels run through the pelvis, Any of these channels blocked, congested or deficient, abnormal menstruation will come to strike women, causing various degree of pain. 
In view of the fact that the kidney controls stomach, once the kidney is dysfunctional , the stomach will be affected to influence digestion. In a result, it is essential to tonify and boost kidney, which will, on one hand,promote stomach to digest and absorb food and medicine because better digestion of food determines a healthier body while better digestion of medicine will maximize the medicine efficacy, on the other hand, boost the metabolism of body fluids.
The metabolism of fluid in the human body will go on smoothly through the coordination of lung, spleen, kidney and liver, among which spleen and kidney play the fundamental roles. When all the channels running through pelvis function normally, menstruation will become regular and the pain will be relieved or reduced.
TCM believes that each life force has an innate energy flowing throughout its form. This is called “Qi”, which is transported by liver and responsible for circulating the blood. Once Qi becomes sluggish or stuck due to emotional stagnation or stress, the liver depression will ensue. In fact, liver is so intimately associated with the menstrual cycle.
So liver depression and stagnant qi in women always manifests as some menstrual-related problem and manifests as pain and distention which is dull, crampy or colicky. Also, stagnant qi will cause blotted blood and static blood which makes women feel localized, fixed, sharp, stabbing or lancinating pain.
Further,  Fuyan Pill can killing bacteria and eliminating inflammation in a widespread range gradually and thoroughly so that the infected uterus and related tissues restore clear and healthy. By the function of the broad spectrum antibacteria, Fuyan Pill will prevent you from the upcoming infection and inflammation to guard against the possibility of relapse. 
Suggestions for women:
As a matter of fact, the most common cause of qi stagnation is stress, which often results in liver depression and female infertility. So, women with endometriosis should keep a relaxed mood. If in stress, women should try every possible way to release pressure, such as proper physical exercise. At the same time, controlling your diet is also of great importance.
Please bear in mind that women with endometriosis should avoid any trigger food, spicy food, sea food, alcohol, beef, fish, chicken, pickles and  all dairy products etc. It's beneficial to you by eating more  fresh fruits and vegetables.

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