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Natural Therapy for Endometritis, Carry Forward the Strength of TCM

Endometritis can be divided into acute and chronic endometritis. Patients with acute endometritis have a rapid onset and obvious inflammatory response themselves. Patients with less serious conditions, or chronic endometritis, are better off with natural treatments. Natural therapy will carry forward the strength of traditional Chinese medicine.


Treatment of ear acupuncture


The theory of meridians in the TCM system is unique and effective and has been playing an important therapeutic role in clinic. In our ears, there are actually different acupoints, which correspond to different organs and diseases. Ear acupuncture is a typical treatment for endometritis. We choose the corresponding acupoints such as uterus and endocrine on the ears, and then press them on the acupoints with the seeds of Garcker to form a long-term benign stimulation of the acupoints, which is the ear acupuncture treatment. In general, the therapy of ear acupuncture is simple and effective, which can be regarded as a good choice of adjuvant therapy.


Enema treatment


Enema therapy is a unique natural therapy. If the inflammatory response of the patient is relatively obvious and prominent, then we can choose Chinese medicinally herbal materials such as honeysuckle, dandelion, forsythium, houttuynia, patrinia, red cane and so on, for heat clearing, detoxification, dampness-removal and stranguria elimilation. At the same time with such as rhizoma sparganii, curcuma zedoary, peach kernel, angelica, for blood circulation and to remove blood stasis. Strong fried, enema with juice, once a day. This enema treatment is not only applicable for chronic endometritis, but also effective for acute patients.


Oral Fuyan pills are most effective


Of course, we need to see that the above two methods are best used as adjuvant therapy, while oral fuyan pill is very effective as the main treatment method. Fuyan Pill contains forsythium, dandelion, bupleurum, herba ophiopogonis and houttuynia and other traditional Chinese herbal medicinal materials for heat clearing and detoxification. It has the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect to be the so-called antibiotics in modern medicine, so it has a good effect on acute and chronic endometritis. Therefore, we believe that the treatment of endometritis in Chinese herbal medicine, or oral fuyan pill is the most critical.

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