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Why Is Endometriosis Called Non-Fatal Cancer?

From the data analysis, the incidence of Endometriosis has increased year by year, saying that it is "cancer" of somewhat alarmist, because its malignant rate is only 1%, but it has the characteristics of local planting infiltration, and the lesions are extensive, with a similar onset of cancer.

50% to 80% of patients will have unbearable pain, and other patients may have no symptoms of pain, but the ectopic endometrium causes abnormal secretions from the body, which may cause more serious consequences - infertility, this may account for 50%.  The patient's uterine wall thickened and adhesions, nodules and masses appeared. 
From the appearance of symptoms and lesions, there were similarities with pelvic inflammatory disease, and 80% of patients had pelvic pain.  Therefore, to confirm, a patient needs a comprehensive examination, such as laparoscopy, ultrasound, pelvic examination.  However, deep lesions may be hidden under the ovaries and laparoscopy may not be fully visible.  Therefore, endometriosis is difficult to diagnose.
Genetic differences may be the source of the disease
The occurrence of Endometriosis may be related to abortion, birth control, or contraceptive device.  The Endometrium may be "ectopic" through the operation of lymph or blood, and may also be related to endocrine, immune dysfunction, genital malformation, environmental pollution and other factors.  
In addition, inflammation and hormonal stimulation have major suspicions of illness.  Cell growth and apoptosis are not coordinated. Once the menstrual blood flows into the uterus, the ectopic endometrium will root and grow in the uterine muscle wall, and periodically bleed, causing disease.  Genetic differences may be the root cause of illness, and torsion of genes will be a cure for endometriosis.
Dependent on antibiotics, can only temporarily relieve symptoms
With Endometriosis, the body's macrophages act as a "police" at the site of the disease, inhibiting ovulation, promoting the dissolution of the corpus luteum that provides nutrients, affecting the tubal peristalsis, and damaging the harmful cells while also damaging the foreign sperm. At the same time as the autoimmune reaction, the fertilized egg is also rejected, resulting in infertility.
Many patients severely rely on antibiotics and can only temporarily relieve symptoms, but the disease cannot be eradicated.  At the same time, due to long-term medication, almost all antibiotics have adverse reactions, which will lead to premature menopause, osteoporosis, and may damage the skin and liver. The efficacy of chemical medication is not certain, and there may be a masculine tendency in the long-term use .
At this time, it is necessary to consider the treatment of natural remedy without drug resistance or side effects.  After tens of thousands of patients'clinical experience, the high cure rate goes to Fuyan Pill, which can fundamentally eliminate the pathological tissues caused by Endometriosis and restore the normal menstrual cycle of women.

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