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The Connection Between Endometriosis And Infertility

Under normal circumstances, menstruation is excreted through the vagina. However, for some reason, part of the uterus passes through the fallopian tube and flows into the pelvic cavity. At this time, endometrial debris mixed in the menstrual blood may be planted on the pelvic organs and the peritoneal surface to continue to grow.  

And under the stimulation of ovarian endocrine, it has the same periodic changes as the endometrium in the uterus, but the menstrual blood produced by it cannot find a way to the outside of the body, so it forms a part of the endometrial tissue. 
The endometrium is the normal tissue in the body, but because it grows in areas that should not grow, it forms a unique disease in the human body - Endometriosis.  This endometriotic lesion can be distributed anywhere in the pelvis.  
However, it usually occurs in the lowest concave uterus rectum and the ovarian surface, which are easy to store menstrual blood. Endometriosis, which occurs in the ovary, can often form a large volume, and its performance is quite similar to that of a general ovarian cyst, but its content is actually the menstrual blood accumulated over the years, which looks like chocolate sauce. It is the chocolate cyst that is well known.
The main symptom of Endometriosis is Dysmenorrhea, especially from the first few days before menstruation or the first half of the month, continuing the entire menstrual period, and gradually disappearing a few days after the menstruation.  Most of the pain is in the middle of the lower abdomen. 
When the lesion invades the uterus rectal fossa, it can be radiated to the rectum and perineum.  As time goes on, Dysmenorrhea tends to progress progressively.  At the time of the attack, bedridden, restless, sweating, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and even collapse.  
But even there is no Dysmenorrhea, that does not imply there is no Endometriosis; and those with Dysmenorrhea, especially those with severe Dysmenorrhea, are caused by Endometriosis.  Endometriosis can cause the patient's ability to conceive to varying degrees of damage.
In order to preserve and improve the fertility of these patients, the currently used therapies are both drugs and surgery.  The main drugs include progesterone, danazol and gossypol. The role of this is to control the proliferation and shedding of the endometrium. There is no menstrual cramps after the medication, so that the ectopic endometrial lesions are resolved, but it only applies to the situation when the disease is mild and the lesion is not over 2 cm in diameter.  
For patients with severe or large chocolate cysts, the most effective approach is conservative surgery.  With the most delicate and soft surgical operation, all lesions are removed as much as possible, and all adhesions are separated; the uterus and accessories can be preserved intact, and the patient can be given the greatest chance of birth after surgery.  However, such surgery or medical treatment is difficult to achieve the effect of radical cure.
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