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How Endometritis Should be Treated: Etiologic Analysis & Therapeutic Resolution

Endometritis is an inflammatory change in the structure of the endometrium due to various causes. Uterine cavity has good drainage conditions and periodic endometrial stripping, so that inflammation rarely chance to stay in the endometrium for a long time, but if the acute phase of inflammatory treatment is not complete, or there is often a source of infection, it can be recurrent. Chronic endometritis is the most common cause of miscarriage. 

1. Acute endometritis 
Acute endometritis patients may have mild fever, lower abdominal pain, increased leucorrhea, leucorrhea with blood or a foul smell. If acute endometritis is not timely treated, it is possible to develop into deep uterine myositis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and even sepsis. Treatment of acute endometritis are basically the following: such as placental residues removal, intrauterine contraceptive devices removal, surgical removal of uterine fibroids or polyps. In addition, to apply the use of antibiotic drugs at the same time.
2. Chronic endometritis 
Chronic inflammation of the endometrium is called chronic endometritis. Chronic type of endometritis can be transformed from acute endometritis. It may also be spread by prolonged salpingitis or severe cervicitis. Chronic endometritis can also result from intrauterine devices, a small amount of retained placenta after delivery or abortion, or incomplete involution of the placental attachment.
In postmenopausal women, the endometrium and vagina become very thin and vulnerable to bacterial invasion and chronic inflammation due to decreased estrogen levels. In addition, uterine submucosal fibroids, mucosal polyps can also cause endometrial chronic inflammation. 
For chronic endometritis, female patients can be cured by oral administration of natural medicine Fuyan Pill. Fuyan pill formula contains scutellaria, gardenia and licorice which have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxicating, poria and atractylodes invigores spleen and removes dampness.
In addition, peach kernel and safflower promotes blood circulation and relieves pain, all together with other analgesia and anti-inflammatory herbs, Fuyan Pill can cure chronic endometritis with no side effects and almost no recurrence.

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