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Why Is There Abnormal Bleeding Between Periods?

I think that every woman is familiar with the monthly menstruation, but many women have irregular menstruation, and even have abnormal vaginal bleeding during the non-menstrual period, it brings a lot of puzzles and psychological pressure. Why is there abnormal vaginal bleeding during the non-menstrual period?

1. Taking hormonal contraceptives
Hormone contraceptives are a common cause of abnormal vaginal bleeding, and the symptom usually occurs only in the first three months of taking contraceptives. The use of the intrauterine device (IUD), contraceptive patches, vaginal rings, oral contraceptives, implanted contraceptives and so on may also lead to non-menstrual vaginal bleeding.
2. Emergency contraception
The use of emergency contraceptives can also lead to bleeding. Vaginal bleeding after emergency contraceptives is called withdrawal bleeding clinically. If the amount of bleeding is small, no treatment is needed, but attention should be paid to contraception until the next menstruation.
3. Implantation bleeding
Implantation hemorrhage refers to that after fertilized eggs are implanted, some women's vagina will have some red or pink blood stains which occur in not every pregnant woman, so it is not a clear sign of pregnancy. The implantation of fertilized eggs occurs about 6 days after fertilization, at which time most of the mothers have no particularly obvious reactions. This condition does not require treatment, as long as paying attention to personal hygiene, it will not affect the growth of the embryo.
4. Sexually transmitted infections
Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can cause abnormal vaginal bleeding, such as chlamydia infection, it is caused by sexual transmission and causes vaginal bleeding in women during or after intercourse.
5. Vaginal tissue damage
The damage of the skin or other tissues of the vagina can also lead to bleeding. It is most common for women to engage in intercourse with a dry vagina. During normal intercourse, your body will produce a natural lubricant to prepare for intercourse. Vaginal dryness can be caused by many factors, including lack of sexual impulse, hormone changes caused by menopause, diabetes or cancer treatment.
6. Menopause or premenstrual period
Menopause usually occurs in women between the ages of 45 and 55. Perimenopause is a period before menopause in women. Because of the unstable changes in hormone levels, women may have premenopausal symptoms, which may lead to irregular menstruation, spotting, and severe bleeding.
7. Ovulation hemorrhage
There are many women in life will have ovulation bleeding, which is very normal, it is mainly caused by the rupture of follicles, estrogen levels temporarily decreased due to endometrial exfoliation, leading to a small amount of bleeding, special treatment is not needed as long as the relevant health care is done.
8. Hemorrhage caused by tumors
Both benign and malignant tumors can cause abnormal vaginal bleeding. The most common benign tumors are uterine leiomyomas, which often lead to bleeding, but without pain, so they are often neglected by patients as menorrhagia or irregular menstruation. Patients often go to the hospital for treatment until the lesion is enlarged and a large amount of bleeding occurs.
9. Abnormal pregnancy
If a woman has threatened abortion, ectopic pregnancy, etc. without knowing it, or she has had an abortion operation recently, both of them will lead to uterine bleeding.
10. Gynecological diseases
If a woman suffers from certain diseases, such as ectopic pregnancy, endometritis, endometriosis, etc., it may lead to abnormal vaginal bleeding. Cervical erosion and cervical polyps can also cause a small amount of local bleeding. Patients must go to the regular hospital in time for examination and receive targeted treatment. 
If it is abnormal vaginal bleeding caused by endometritis and endometriosis, patients who are ineffective in routine treatment or have not been cured for a long time can take Fuyan Pill, which can directly reach the focus, eliminate the inflammation which causes the gynecological diseases without side effects and recurrence.
There are many reasons leading to non-menstrual vaginal bleeding in women, but not all of them are normal. It is suggested that female friends should go to the hospital in time after producing symptoms, receive treatment positively, avoid overwork, strict control of diet and routine care to avoid further damage.

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