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Is It Possible to Reduce Endometrial Thickness Without Surgery?

Nowadays with the rapid development of society, females not only need to take care of their families, but also to be economically independent and take care of their own occupations at the time. So the increasing requirements result in the heavy loads and sub-health as there are upgoing trend of gynecological diseases arising like cervical disease, endometrial thickness and even infertility. 

In the following, we will mainly introduce the reasons causing endometrial thickness and how to find out the natural resolution to reduce the thickness.
Endometrial thickening is often suggested by diagnosis through ultrasonography. Endometrial thickening can be divided into physiological endometrial thickening and pathological endometrial thickening. Physiological endometrial thickening is mainly due to the periodic endometrial thickening caused by the changes of ovarian hormone levels and it’s natural and don’t need to cure. 
There are many reasons for pathologic endometrial thickening such as obesity, endometrial simple hyperplasia, endocrine functional tumors, and endometrial complex hyperplasia, etc. 
In addition, patients with early endometrial cancer may also have endometrial thickening. Specific causes of endometrial thickening need specific diagnosis and treatments. according to the specific situation of patients.
Recently there’ re treating approaches like pharmacies, uterine curettage, physical therapy and so on. Uterine curettage is not a advisable choice as it has bad influence on female fertility and could cause infertility possibilities. 
Physical therapy is of high cost and most women would need to repeat several times of it and recurrence is easily to occur and no ultimate cure is assured. So then medication become the most acceptable method, there’ re chemical antibiotics and natural medicine available, but due to the severe side effects and drug resistance, natural medicine gains an upper hand. Such as Fuyan Pill, it wins the hearts of patients by over 50 kinds of herbal ingredients, with remarkable efficacy of clearing heat, vigorate spleen, eliminate inflammation and promote blood circulation.

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