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Do You Know What Types of Hypomenorrhea You Belong to?
Menstrual cycle: From the first day of this menstruation to the first day of the next menstrual cycle is called a menstrual cycle. Generally, 28-35 days are normal, the amount of menstrual flow in 20-80 ml is normal, less than 20 ml is called hypomenorrhea.
From traditional Chinese medicine, the etiology of hypomenorrhea is divided into deficiency and excess. The deficiency is mainly caused by weakness of the body, serious illness, prolonged illness, blood loss or poor diet, fatigue, which results in a deficiency of blood and a decrease of menstrual flow. Excess is mainly caused by stasis of blood, or stagnation of phlegm and dampness, blockage of meridians, obstruction of blood flow, causing hypomenorrhea.
It can be divided into the following four types:
1. Blood Deficiency Type
Patients usually have hypomenorrhea or spotting bleed during periods with a light color, dizziness, palpitation and weakness, pale complexion, heavy feeling in the lower abdomen, pale tongue and thready pulse.
2. Kidney Deficiency Type
Patients often have hypomenorrhea and the color of menstrual flow is light, soreness of waist, pain in the heel, dizziness, and tinnitus, frequent urination, dark purple tongue, and rough pulse.
3. Blood Stasis Type
Patients often have hypomenorrhea and the color of menstrual flow is purple, there are small blood clots, lower abdominal distension pain, the pain will be alleviated after the blood clots are discharged. The tongue is purple and dark, and the pulse is astringent.
4. Phlegm-dampness type
Patients often have hypomenorrhea and the color of menstrual flow is light red, it is sticky like phlegm, and women will have an obese figure, sense of suppression in the chest and nausea, with more sticky. The tongue is enlarged, slimy white tongue fur and the pulse is slippery.
What are the hazards of hypomenorrhea?
1. Facial problems
It can cause stain, acne, these facial problems can not be solved by cosmetics, because it is a reflection of the body's pathological changes, especially the amount of less dark menstrual flow and some external manifestations of cancer, cirrhosis and other diseases. If we don't pay attention to the early stage, it will not only cause a facial problem but also affect the health of the body.
2. Infertility
It may also lead to infertility. Less menstruation is generally not good, which may lead to difficulty in conception.
3. Gynecological Inflammation
It may be the manifestation of some gynecological inflammation in women, such as endometriosis, cervicitis, premature ovarian failure and so on.
4. Headache
Headache is a common disease. In terms of the incidence of headache, it is more common in women than that in men, which is related to the unique physiological characteristics of women. According to the survey, menstrual headaches account for about 20% of women's headaches.
As a woman, when menstruation appears abnormal, the amount of menstruation is less or more, early or delayed menstruation is the performance of irregular menstruation, menstruation is a barometer of women's health, irregular menstruation is a warning from the body! 
natural medicine
natural medicine
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