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Women with Beautiful Figure Are More Likely to Get Endometriosis

"36, 24, 36" has always been the standard of a beautiful body. In order to have a perfect figure, many women will try a variety of ways to lose weight. However, a study published in the American Journal of Fertility and Infertility pointed out that women with good stature had a higher risk of gynecological diseases than women with ordinary stature, and that women with good stature were more likely to suffer from endometriosis.

In this study, 300 young women were tested and found that 1/3 of them had severe endometriosis, 1/3 had mild endometriosis, and the remaining 1/3 had no endometriosis. Later, the researchers measured the chest, waist, and hip circumferences of the 300 women, and found that 31% of the women with severe endometriosis had the perfect figure. Among women with mild endometriosis or without it, only 8% were women of perfect stature.
Why are women of good stature more likely to suffer from endometriosis? Experts say that women with good stature tend to have more estrogen in their bodies, and estrogen is easy to promote the development of endometriosis.
Epidemiological investigation showed that the childbearing period was the high incidence stage of endometriosis, 76% of which occurred in the age of 25-45, which was consistent with the characteristics of hormone dependence of endometriosis. In recent years, the incidence of women with low birth rate and the late birth rate is obviously higher than that of women with more than one children or have early childbearing. It is positively correlated with social and economic conditions. 
With the increase of cesarean section rate and artificial abortion rate and the increase of hysteroscopy and laparoscopy operation, the incidence also increases. At the same time, the incidence of chronic pelvic pain and dysmenorrhea is 20% - 90%, 25% - 35% of infertility patients are related to endometriosis.
Endometriosis mainly occurs in the ovary, and the recurrence rate is high, many women are recurrent. For the treatment of recurrent endometriosis, he pointed out that: Every operation is a disruption to ovarian function. Studies have shown that AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) is an indicator of reproductive function, which decreases with age. 
Their team has found that AMH in patients with ovarian endometriotic cysts who have undergone multiple operations has decreased significantly. No surgical treatment is recommended for recurrent endometriosis. Fuyan Pill can be a good choice with strict compatibility, and it will neither produce side effects nor cause harm to the human body. Through promoting blood circulation, Fuyan Pill can help patients treat the recurrent endometriosis effectively, and alleviate dysmenorrhea and other discomfort or symptoms.
It can be seen that the protection of ovarian function in patients with endometriosis can not be ignored. Correct selection of treatment methods can greatly avoid the increase in damage.
So how to prevent endometriosis? The main preventive measures are:
1. Get married and have childbearing at the right age
Those who often suffer from dysmenorrhea should consider marrying and giving birth at the appropriate age as far as possible and avoid abortions. 21-29 years old is the golden period of childbearing. Late marriage, late childbearing, infertility, or multiple abortions will increase the incidence of endometriosis.
2. Menstrual health care
During women's menstruation, we should pay attention to less intense sports and labor, pay attention to diet and rest, avoid sexual life; if dysmenorrhea is very severe, women should see a doctor in time.
3. Treatment of gynecological diseases
If there are female friends suffering from gynecological diseases, they should be treated in time to prevent complications of some diseases; if there is a family history of endometriosis, they should be examined as soon as possible.
4. Prevention of iatrogenic endometriosis
When women undergo a cesarean section, care should be taken to protect the wound and avoid planting the endometrium into the incision. When women undergo induced abortion, they should avoid abrupt reduction of negative pressure in order to prevent endometrium from flowing back into the pelvic cavity.
5. Exercise
Regular participation in sports can improve the body's various functional systems and reduce the incidence of endometriosis.

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