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Abortion and Endometriosis: What's the Connection?

Endometriosis refers to the active endometrial growth outside the uterine cavity, which is a common gynecological disease. So what are the causes of endometriosis? Will abortion cause endometriosis?


The causes of endometriosis


1. During the operation of induced abortion, the pressure of the uterine cavity, pelvic cavity and the abdominal cavity is unbalanced, and endometrial tissue is inhaled into the pelvic cavity and abdominal cavity.


2. During caesarean section, endometrial tissue with amniotic fluid may be left in the incision, pelvis and abdominal cavity. Once the timing is right, the endometrial will grow.


3. The endometrial tissue could not be discharged smoothly with the blood, so it had to flow from the fallopian tube to the pelvic cavity and abdominal cavity.


4. Repeatedly childbirth, endometrial layer damage can make endometrial tissue reach the uterine myometrium, and provide convenience for the formation of special endometriosis adenomyosis.


Indeed, abortion can cause endometriosis. In particular, some hospitals with poor conditions carry out improper abortions, resulting in uterine blood reflux, which is prone to endometriosis.





The incidence of endometriosis among middle-aged women is about 15% - 20%; The age of onset is mostly between 30-49 years old. The incidence of childbearing women is about 70-80% of the patients with infertility, which seriously affects women's physical and mental health, work and fertility. Many factors cause endometriosis, and abortion is one of them. Here are a few reasons why abortion may cause endometriosis.


1. Direct transplantation.


2. The menstrual blood flows back to the abdominal cavity and causes endometrial implantation.


3. Curettage and hysterectomy can damage the uterine wall, and the endometrium can be directly soaked.


4. Postoperative infection.


To prevent endometriosis, the pressure during the vacuum suction surgery should not be too large, and the negative pressure tube should be avoided. The negative pressure in the uterus will cause a large amount of gas to enter the uterine cavity, which will flush the contents of the uterine cavity into the abdominal cavity, leading to postoperative endometriosis.


It is worth noting that although the abortion effectively solves the problem of women's unwanted pregnancy, if the operation is carried out in an informal hospital, it will not only cause serious diseases such as endometriosis, but also a serious of consequences such as habitual abortion, intrauterine probation, physical weakness and so on will be generated, which greatly affect the normal life of women.


Therefore, it is suggested that women should take contraceptive measures and avoid abortion as much as possible.


What food is good for endometriosis?


The diet rules of endometriosis should be known. Poultry, livestock, eggs, milk and fish can be eaten generally. For those with a deficiency of Qi and blood, it has a better effect of nourishing Qi and blood. Snails, clams, crabs and soft-shelled turtles should be eaten less. Too fat meat should not be eaten. Cereals, beans, potatoes as the main food, can be eaten, no need to avoid.




Patients with endometriosis should avoid all cold food. Before and after menstruation, you should pay more attention to having hot soup and vegetables. Raw and cold food should be avoided. Besides, we can also take natural herbal medicine to treat endometriosis. Fuyan Pill is a good choice. Fuyan Pill, which is composed of over 50 kinds of plant ingredients in a certain scientific proportion, has a good effect on the ultimate cure of endometriosis.

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