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Diagnosis of Endometriosis

Laboratory inspection


1. CA125 (ovarian cancer-associated antigen)


It is a tumor-associated antigen, which has a certain diagnostic value for epithelial ovarian cancer. However, in patients with endometriosis, CA125 value can be increased, and with the increase of endometriosis stage, the positive rate is also increased, its sensitivity and specificity are very high, so it is helpful for the diagnosis of endometriosis, and it can also monitor the efficacy of endometriosis.


2. Anti endometrial antibody (EMAb)


It is a kind of autoantibody which takes endometrium as the target antigen and causes a series of immunopathological reactions. It is the marker antibody of endometriosis. The detection of serum EMAb is an effective method to diagnose and observe the curative effect of endometriosis.

Imaging examination


1. B-mode ultrasound examination


It is one of the commonly used methods in gynecology and obstetrics and plays an important role in the diagnosis of gynecology and Obstetrics Diseases. Determine the location, size, shape of the cyst, and the mass that was not touched during the gynecological examination.



2. Laparoscopy


It can directly peep into the pelvis with the help of laparoscopy, see the ectopic lesions or carry out a biopsy to determine the diagnosis, and determine the clinical stage and treatment plan of pelvic endometriosis according to the situation of the laparoscopy.


Under laparoscopy, whether there is endometriosis focus in the uterus, fallopian tube, ovary, uterosacral ligament, pelvic peritoneum, and other parts should be paid attention to observe. According to the laparoscopic examination or operation, the stage and score of endometriosis were made.


3. X-ray examination


It can be used to diagnose pelvic endometriosis with the help of pelvic air inflation and hysterosalpingography alone.


4. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)


MRI can be used for multi-plane direct imaging, intuitively understanding the scope, origin, and invasion of the lesions, correctly positioning the lesions, and enhancing the display ability of soft tissues. Therefore, MRI diagnosis of endometriosis and understanding of pelvic lesions and adhesions are of great value.


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