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How to Prevent Endometriosis?
The treatment of endometriosis is very difficult, and in serious cases, it may also lead to infertility in women. Therefore, moderate and reasonable prevention measures are always advocated. So how should women do to prevent it?
1. Regular gynecological examination
Prevention of regularly gynecological examination should be done in patients with high-risk factors and a family history of endometriosis to detect and receive treatment in time.
2. Active treatment
To prevent endometriosis, once patients find imperforate hymen, narrow cervix, obstruction of reproductive tract and absence of vagina in time, treatment should be received in time, so as to prevent menstrual blood from accumulating in the uterus and flowing back into the fallopian tube and pelvis, leading to the occurrence of endometriosis.
3. Oral contraceptives
Oral contraceptives can prevent endometriosis for women who don't want to be pregnant and relieve symptoms for those who are already ill.
4. Reduce the chance of iatrogenic trauma
During menstruation, it is not suggested to take any gynecological examination, and patients with menorrhagia try not to use IUD contraception. All kinds of tubal patency tests, cervical cryosurgery, electrocautery, forceps, and plastic surgery are forbidden or avoided before menstruation but should be carried out 2-5 days after menstruation.
It is also not suitable to squeeze the uterus by hand after induced abortion. The above precautions can avoid removing the broken endometrial fragments from the damaged tissues and avoiding the endometrial implantation caused by the operation.
5. Avoid intense exercise
Pay attention to menstrual hygiene and sexual hygiene. Try to avoid mountain climbing, cycling, long-distance running, and other activities that increase abdominal pressure during the menstrual period. It is absolutely forbidden to have sex during menstruation and to have multiple sexual partners.

6. Try not to give birth too late
For people who are prone to endometriosis, elderly pregnancy is one of the causes of this disease. If you give birth earlier, you can prevent the occurrence of endometriosis, and 25 years old is the right age. However, the causes of endometriosis are multifaceted, the above prevention opinions are only applicable to a few cases.
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