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Causes of Endometriosis: Endocrinology

Endometriosis is known to be a sex hormone-dependent disease, and there are estrogen, progesterone, and androgen receptors in ectopic tissues. Regardless of the source of the endometrium, its growth is related to ovarian endocrine.
The changes in Endocrinology caused by endometriosis are related to anatomical changes, ovarian related diseases, changes in the intraperitoneal environment, and so on. The surgical treatment and drug treatment for the diseases will also cause the changes of Endocrinology and ovarian function.
At present, most scholars think that for patients with moderate or severe endometriosis, the main mechanism of infertility may be the adhesion of pelvic and abdominal organs or the abnormal anatomical structure caused by obstruction, but for mild endometriosis, the more important factors may be the abnormal immune function and the disorder of internal secretion.
1. Prostaglandins
It has been recognized that the increase of prostaglandin content or imbalance of prostaglandin can cause abnormal peristalsis of fallopian tubes and affect the delivery of pregnant eggs. In addition, it can also affect follicular development and inhibit ovulation, or inhibit the secretion of progesterone through luteinizing, leading to luteal dysfunction.

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