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What Is Ovarian Endometriosis?(3)

At present, there are many ways to treat chocolate cysts. Whether to operate or not has a set of medical standards.
1. Conservative treatment
The purpose of drug therapy is to inhibit ovarian function and prevent the development of the disease. When the diameter of the chocolate cyst is less than 5 cm, the patient has no special discomfort. They can take contraceptives under the guidance of the doctor, reduce the amount of menstruation, inhibit the growth and expansion of the chocolate cyst, and make the cyst shrink, but the process is a little longer.
2. Surgical treatment
If the growth speed of chocolate cyst is too fast to be contained, and the diameter of the chocolate cyst is more than 5cm, or the dysmenorrhea is very serious, or the pelvic environment is too poor for a long time to be pregnant, surgery is needed.
3. Interventional therapy
If you don't want to be conservative and don't want to be operated on, under the circumstances of excluding the possibility of malignant transformation of chocolate cyst, ultrasound puncture and fluid extraction is also one of the methods to be considered. After extraction, anhydrous alcohol and other drugs were injected to reduce fluid secretion and promote adhesion and closure of the cyst.
4. TCM Treatment
There is no evidence-based medical evidence to support the TCM treatment of the disease, but some TCM treatment methods or drugs such as herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can alleviate the symptoms and inhibit the growth of the cyst. It is recommended to go to a regular medical institution and treat under the guidance of doctors.
5. Other treatment
For infertile patients, they can go to the Department of assisted reproductive technology for treatment, including ovarian hyperstimulation (COH) - intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer (IVF-ET).
The chocolate cyst is an estrogen-dependent disease. When a woman is postmenopausal or pregnant, the decrease of estrogen can make the chocolate cyst cured, but this good luck is not enjoyed by every patient with chocolate cyst. According to their own actual situation and the doctor's advice to develop a treatment plan.
The recurrence rate of chocolate cyst is 20% after 2 years of chocolate cyst removal and 40% - 50% after 5 years of treatment. A few of them need reoperation, and the treatment is more difficult.
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