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Can Endometriosis Be Detected By B-ultrasound?



Endometriosis is a common gynecologic disease. In general, endometrial cells grow in the uterine cavity. Because the uterine cavity is connected to the fallopian tubes, it may allow endometrial cells to enter the pelvic cavity through the fallopian tubes, thus causing ectopic growth.

Endometriosis can cause significant menstrual cramps, menstrual abnormalities, and even infertility in women. In addition, its lesions may affect pelvic tissues and organs. Once you have the disease,  you should be promptly treated. 
B-ultrasound is a relatively useful method in medical technology and can check the internal body and detect some diseases inside. And it is often commonly used to detect the fetus, and females in the early stage of pregnancy usually go to the hospital for an examination.
If you doubt the presence of endometriosis in your body, can B-ultrasound be used?
So far, b-ultrasound has been a simple, effective and inexpensive way to support the diagnosis of  endometriosis, adenomyosis and ovarian chocolate cysts. There will be some small granular echoes in the capsule, and the lumps usually occur in the posterior side of the uterus. The adhesion of the cyst uterus can be obvious.
In addition to b-ultrasound, there are three ways to diagnose endometriosis.
1. Routine gynecological examination
A routine gynecologic examination of patients with endometriosis reveals a significantly enlarged uterus, making its mobility limited. The patient's uterine rectum fossa, ligament and the posterior cervical wall will appear sexual nodules, which are like soybeans in general. In this case, the ovaries will be attached by the surrounding materials and immobilized.
2. Laparoscopy
Laparoscopy can directly diagnose endometriosis, through which problems in the pelvic cavity can be seen. As long as the ectopic lesions can be clearly seen, the diagnosis can be made. What's more, the examination plan should be made according to the patient's situation.
3. Magnetic resonance examination
Magnetic resonance examination is a part of imageology, which has certain diagnostic value for endometrial tumor, but cannot detect endometrial implantation and adhesion. The method can provide a wide and clear vision to observe the lesions and detect whether the adhesion has occurred in the surrounding anatomical tissues.
If your long-term pain has not been alleviated, you need to go to the hospital and make the corresponding diagnosis. Unfortunately, if you are diagnosed with endometriosis, don't be frustrated and you should actively cooperate with doctors for treatment. 
Besides, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is recommended. Its functions, such as activating blood circulation, removing blood stasis and reducing swelling, can effectively eliminate lesions in gynecological tissues. It can also regulate menstruation, eliminate pain and treat female infertility caused by gynecological diseases and inflammations.
Female friends should face up to the disease and maintain a calm state of mind. Doing appropriate exercise is encouraged, which can enhance your physical fitness. You should also avoid eating high-fat food. Adhere to the treatment, and you can get better soon.
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