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Can The Female With Endometriosis Conceive A Child?

Endometriosis is very prone to relapse. As a benign disease, endometriosis has the malignant behavior similar to malignant tumor. Popular speaking of malignant behavior is that it grows wherever it goes and cannot be detected in advance. Patients with serious symptoms may have diseased tissues in the abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity, which will be difficult to clean off completely through surgery.

Clinically, there is a view that pregnancy is the best treatment for endometriosis. If you just have the requirement for fertility, you can try your best to get pregnant. During pregnancy, the placenta can produce a large amount of progesterone. Physiologically, high progesterone status can inhibit the growth of endometriosis lesions, which is also a useful treatment for patients with endometriosis. Therefore, it is a good suggestion for patients with fertility needs to get pregnant as soon as possible.
Women with reproductive needs who can undergo conservative surgical procedures also need to get pregnant as soon as possible. Surgery will be taken to remove visible endometriosis lesion, and then through pregnancy, the growth of the invisible heterotopic lesion will be further inhibited. There are usually 15 months of inhibition duration, including 9 months of pregnancy and 6 months of lactation. Through these steps, the rate of curing endometriosis completely will become relatively high. To sum up, the female with endometriosis can conceive a child, and conservative surgery is recommended for patients with pregnancy, to increase the cure rate.
For average females, endometriosis can be totally cured through surgery as well as medication. But you should keep in mind that some standard treatments for endometriosis can influence pregnancy to some extent or cause serious birth defects. So it’s necessary to make sure your doctor knows that you are trying to conceive a child when you are being treated for endometriosis.
If you are not fond of surgery, medication can be of help. A herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a useful option to cure endometriosis, which can eliminate the pathological lesions of gynecological tissues, regulate menstruation and treat female infertility caused by gynecological diseases and inflammation. What’s more, it has no side effects or drug resistance. So female patients can take it safely.
Whether or not you need to get pregnant, developing good living habits is important while you're getting treatment. You need to do more exercise, eat more healthy food, keep sufficient sleep, and always keep a calm and positive mind.
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