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How To Treat Chocolate Ovarian Cyst Caused By Endometriosis?

Chocolate ovarian cyst is a kind of colloquial name, and its medical name is endometrium heterosis cyst. So it is obvious that this problem is related to the endometriosis. Chocolate ovarian cyst influences the menstruation. 

Commonly, the normal lining of the uterus that causes menstruation should grow inside the uterus. Some people may have the lining grow outside the uterus for some reasons.
The most common site is on the ovaries, where the wrong lining also bleeds during each menstrual cycle. But because it's not in the uterus while normal bleeding can be drained out through the vagina, the abnormal bleeding will accumulate on the ovaries and slowly form the cyst.
The treatment methods of chocolate ovarian cyst mainly include medicines and operations. Drug treatment includes false pregnancy therapy, false menopause therapy, which can only alleviate symptoms and control their development. After stopping medicine, these problems may relapse.
Surgical treatment includes minimally invasive surgery and open surgery. Cyst dissection plus ovarioplasty is feasible for young patients with mild ovarioplasty who have fertility requirements, and semi-conservative surgery, namely total hysterectomy plus adnexectomy on the affected side, is performed for those who do not need fertility.
Now for chocolate ovarian cyst, experts recommend the use of minimally invasive technology of hysteroscope and laparoscope, which does not require surgery, and is entirely based on the principle of preserving the woman's health. But it may cost a lot. 
But at the end of the day, chocolate ovarian cyst is caused by endometriosis, and you can treat the endometriosis first. Endometriosis is a disease caused by the presence of growing endometrial tissue in other parts of the uterus due to blood stasis and stagnation of the uterus.
Generally, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is an effective method for females with endometriosis. It can help you remove inflammation and blood stasis, unclog the blocked fallopian tubes and improve the menstruation. It has no side effects on female body, so you can get totally recovered through this medicine.
At ordinary times, females should avoid unnecessary, repeated or too rough gynecological double examinations near the menstrual period, so as not to squeeze the uterine endometrium into the fallopian tubes, thus causing abdominal implantation. When the endometriosis is in remission, the chocolate ovarian cysts usually become smaller or disappears.
Studies have shown that women who exercise for more than two hours a week are less likely to develop endometriosis than those who do not exercise. To the female that often participates in movements, her leucocyte inside body especially phagocyte is very active, which can handle the menstrual blood that flows through and intima tissue. So during the treatment and after getting cured, it is suggested that females should do more exercises, and the most common and suitable potions are running and bounding.

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