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After Radical Treatment Of Endometriosis, It Is Still Necessary To Prevent Recurrence

Endometriosis is one of the most common chronic diseases in gynecology, with a high recurrence rate of 40 to 50% in females, even higher than the recurrence rate of cancer. It can not be completely cured by a certain treatment mode, and requires long-term comprehensive management and treatment.


How can the endometriosis be treated?


1. Drug therapy
This is also called sex hormone therapy, which pharmacologically stimulates the secretion of hormones in the body. Because the heterotopic endometrium responds to the ovarian endocrine, the use of sex hormone therapy has become an important treatment method for this disease. 
Sex hormone therapy is mainly to inhibit ovulation or cause amenorrhea, make the heterotopic intima develop degenerative change, then necrosis, absorbed by other cells. After sex hormone therapy, about 85% of patients can relieve their symptoms, and some patients manage to become pregnant after treatment.
2. Operative treatment
Radical surgery is to remove both sides of the ovary and uterus completely, which is extremely cruel to young and childless women. The complications and sequelae caused by the surgery will cause certain pain to the patients physically and mentally, and the menopause syndrome will occur after the operation. 
Conservative surgery involves local resection, stripping, elimination of the lesion site, but because of the disease adhesion is very heavy, surgery often can not completely remove the lesions, such as that it has been ectopic to the sacral ligament, invasion of the rectum ectopic lesions after electrocautery. If this is the case, the recurrence rate can be high.
3. Radiotherapy
The role of radiotherapy for endometriosis is to destroy ovarian tissue, thereby eliminating the influence of ovarian hormones, so that the heterotopic endometriosis can be atrophied, to achieve the purpose of treatment. 
The effect of radiation on the destruction of heterotopic intima is not obvious, but it is suitable for patients who can't tolerate hormone therapy or are very scared of surgery. Also, it is necessary to make a clear diagnosis first, especially not to misdiagnose malignant ovarian tumor as endometrial cyst, so as to delay the correct treatment by wrong judgement.
4. Traditional Chinese medicine
Generally speaking, you can take the Fuyan Pill to solve the endometriosis. It works on the whole urogenital system in female body, and manages to relieve pain, eliminate inflammation and infection such as pelvic inflammatory disease and chlamydia, adjust female menstruation and improve the female urogenital health. It has no side effects, so it won't hurt female body and can make them pull through after a long time treatment.

Doctors remind, after radical treatment of endometriosis, it is still necessary to prevent recurrence. So what do females do?

1. Be sure to keep warm
Some females are vulnerable to attacks of cold-chills, which may lead to some problems like dysmenorrhea that can be related to endometriosis.
2. Avoid induced abortion
Induced abortion can effectively prevent the endometrium from being hurt again, so as not to cause uterine infection or even infertility.
3. Control sexual life
Sexual activity should be abstained for three months after surgery. Especially in the menstrual period, unclean sex can easily cause intrauterine infection. You can have sex when you are totally recovered, and always pay attention to personal hygiene.
4. Pay attention to diet
You should avoid all cold foods. Before and after menstruation, especially attention should be paid to eating overheated soup and vegetables, while raw and cold foods are taboo. Besides, cereals, beans, potatoes and so on can be eaten.

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