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Endometriosis May Result In Increased Menstrual Volume

Some people say that endometriosis is like a cancer that is not fatal. It may not be the truth, but it terrifies you a little bit. What is endometriosis after all?


Endometriosis is a common disease in women in modern life. It is neither inflammation nor tumor, but it has the characteristics of malignant tumor such as proliferation, proliferation and metastasis -- the endometrial tissue that is growing inside the uterine cavity goes outside.


For women with endometriosis, they should notice that the disease may result in increased menstrual volume. It is likely because intima is increased, accompanied by ovarian dysfunction. At the same time, the dysmenorrhea becomes more obvious, mostly secondary.



Since the onset of endometriosis, the patients have no pain during the past menstrual period, but they may experience dysmenorrhea since a certain period. It can occur before, during and after menstruation. Some of the dysmenorrhea is more serious and unbearable, and patients need to rest in bed or take medicine to relieve the pain.


After menstruation, ectopic intima gradually atrophy and dysmenorrhea disappear. In addition, many inflammatory processes can be detected in pelvic endometriosis. Doctors point out that it is likely that local inflammatory processes are accompanied by active peritoneal lesions that produce prostaglandins, kinins, and other peptides that cause pain or tenderness.


For patients with endometriosis, they may also have other problems like painful sexual life and symptoms of bladder. They may have periodic frequency of urination, dysuria and other urinary symptoms. When the disease invades bladder mucous membrane, it will give rise to periodical hematuria.


According to a recent report, the primary infertility account for 42% and secondary infertility account for 47%. The infertility may often be associated with endometriosis. Pelvic endometriosis can often cause adhesion around the fallopian tubes, affecting oocyte pickup or leading to lumen blockage. The infertility may be caused by ovarian lesions that affect the normal process of ovulation.


Some people also believe that long-term infertility, with menstruation featuring no closure period, can cause the occurrence of endometriosis. Once the woman gets pregnant, the heterotopic intima will be inhibited and atrophy.


Patients with endometriosis should also notice the swelling pain when defecating, occurring in menstrual early period or after menstruation commonly. The patient feels excruciating pain as the stool passes through the rectum. 


If you have the symptoms mentioned above, you should get the endometriosis treated in time. Generally, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a nice option for females with endometriosis, which can help them get rid of the infection and blockage in the pelvic cavity. It features no side effects or drug resistance. So it is a widely-used medicine for women health.



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