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After Endometriosis Surgery, What Should Women Do?

 Dysmenorrhea is the typical symptom of endometriosis, which will be aggravated with ectopic changes. If the endometriosis spreads to the vagina, rectum and other parts, it will cause pain and bleeding in the process of sexual life, affecting the quality of sexual life and the couple's harmony.


Commonly, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can help you relieve the painful symptoms caused by endometriosis, and it works well on eliminating various inflammations and infections. But if your symptoms become worse, it is better to undergo a suitable and corresponding surgery in time.




Surgery carries risks, not only during the procedure, but also during the nursing after it. If you choose a skilled doctor and a regular hospital, you can avoid the problems caused by the surgical process. But after the operation, you need to recover on your own. Then, what should women do after undergoing endometriosis surgery?


1. Keep warm: Patients are relatively weak after surgery, vulnerable to the attack of cold. If the cold becomes serious, it will be easy to cause some sequelae, such as dysmenorrhea. So women should keep warm, particularly in the fickle weather.


2. Prohibit sex: Due to the weak body condition, females should not have sex after surgery. If you do so, you may be likely to suffer from bacterial infection, thus leading to pelvic inflammatory disease. Also, the Fuyan Pill can help you get rid of the disease effectively.


3. Control your mood: Being calm and positive is the course that all people should learn when they are in poor condition. After endometriosis surgery, females should not give vent to their negative emotions at random. Try to control it and be optimistic, and let things slide if there is not bad results.


4. Avoid overwork: Having sufficient rest is needed after surgery. So you should take several weeks off if you have tasks at hand. After all, your body health comes first. Do not engage in high intensity physical activity or sports, to avoid excessive intrauterine tension. Once the tension inside the cyst lumen rises suddenly, the cyst wall will rupture, which can form acute abdominal disease.



5. Notice diet: After endometriosis surgery, a healthy diet can make you get better soon. So you should eat more foods like fresh vegetables, fruits, egg, nuts, milk and other things high in nutrients. Dont eat spicy food or drink alcohol, which can lead to the strong stimulation on the body, affecting the rehabilitation.


6. Medication and review: After endometriosis surgery, female friends must pay attention to taking medication on time. The doctor will choose the medicine of the next course to consolidate the treatment effect after you take medicine for a certain period. Therefore, you can not suspend the medication indiscriminately. Further, you should put emphasis on the postoperative review on a regular basis, to make clear the degree of your recovery.

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