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Western Medicine Treatment Guideline Of Endometriosis

Endometrium is originally a kind of tissue that grows in the uterine cavity, but for some reason, it sometimes runs into the uterine muscle walls or anywhere else in the body. If it strikes roots in these places, it will become a "troublemaker", letting a person suffer. This is the clinical common disease, called endometriosis on medicine.


The endometrium that travels around often moves to pelvic cavity, ovary, uterus rectum lacunae, and it also can reach the places such as bladder and lung. The severity of endometriosis varies because everyone's living environment, constitution and illness are different.



Endometriosis is a benign disease, usually not life-threatening, but can cause great problems to female health, and the most common one is the infertility. In western medicine, there are many treatment methods that can help you get rid of endometriosis.


At present, the treatment of endometriosis in western medicine mostly includes two methods, conservative treatment and surgical treatment.


Conservative treatment is mostly concerned with false pregnancy or false menopausal therapy, such as danazole and tamoxifen, nemetone, provera and so on. That is, artificial interventions cause menstruation to stop, to form a false pregnancy state. But this kind of drug's side effect is big, and they have certain damage to liver and kidney.


As for some patients with endometriosis, when the disease has not been cured, but because of side effects, they have to suspend the medicine. As a result, menstruation will still come after stopping the treatment, and the disease will generally continue to develop, becoming more refractory. This precipitate the aggravation of the endometriosis at times.



Given this factor, many patients choose to take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill due to its advantages over other chemical medicine. This is a natural medicine that won't lead to any side effects or adverse reactions, so it is safe and effective. It is also able to improve the female body immunity and self-healing capacity. If needed, it is worth taking.


In severe cases, the surgical treatment is more commonly used in western medicine.


Radical surgery, namely the complete removal of both ovaries and uterus, is extremely cruel to young and childless women. The complications and sequelae caused by the surgery can cause certain physical and mental pain to the patients, and the menopause syndrome will occur after the surgery.


On the other hand, conservative surgery, in which local excision, dissection and elimination of the lesion site are performed, has high recurrence rate because the adhesions of the disease are very heavy and the operation is often incomplete. If you take surgical treatment into consideration, you should think twice before doing so.


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