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Key Points of Exercises to Prevent Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a disease that is very common in our daily lives. Endometriosis can affect the patient's fertility function, and it can also cause irregular vaginal bleeding in the patient. So everyone must pay attention to endometriosis. If you have endometriosis, you must treat it in time. 


For people who have not suffered from endometriosis, he should also be cautious. Do a little more exercise at ordinary times, you can achieve the purpose of preventing endometriosis. 

Know some key points of exercises to prevent endometriosis


Exercise is the key to our body's physical fitness. Daily exercise can not only enhance physical fitness, but also improve the body's immunity and avoid the invasion of diseases. Experts say that endometriosis is closely related to exercise. Regular exercise can keep away from the occurrence of endometriosis. Therefore, women must regularly participate in exercise to prevent endometriosis.


During exercise, the human body will excrete a lot of sweat. The sweat contains a lot of toxins, which play a positive role in preventing diseases. Especially women who regularly participate in fitness exercises have strong self-immunity. Patients with disease do not have good exercise habits. Women exercise more will increase white blood cells, especially phagocytes, which are active in their bodies, which can swallow and process the flowing menstrual blood and inner membrane tissue.


Exercise is very beneficial to help females prevent endometriosis, because it can improve people's immunity, and to a certain extent, it can help prevent gynecological diseases. For patients with endometriosis, if they want to prevent endometriosis through exercise, they can do some yoga and usually do more aerobic exercises, which is very useful for helping treat endometriosis.


Of course, for women, if you want to prevent endometriosis, you have to do more. At the same time, pay attention to develop good hygiene habits, and avoid excessive sex. Otherwise, it will cause a series of diseases and endometriosis. Of course, everyone should pay attention to the daily diet and eat  more light foods, which is also very good for helping females prevent endometriosis.


In addition, exercise can increase the concentration of male hormones in the body, and male hormones can counteract female hormones. Studies have shown that women who exercise more than 2 hours a week are twice as unlikely to get endometriosis as those who do not exercise. Among them, running and jumping have the best effect, because these two exercises have the strongest pulling and stimulating effects on muscles and joints, and the latter can increase the concentration of male hormones.


During menstruation, patients should pay attention to rest, keep warm, and keep a happy mood. When in pain, use a hot water bottle to apply heat to the lower abdomen. Try to avoid excessive or excessive activities to prevent menstrual backflow caused by drastic body position and changes in abdominal pressure. Avoid intercourse during or just after menstruation, so as to avoid sending the shed endometrium into the pelvic cavity through the fallopian tube, which increases the risk of disease. In addition, women should do recovery exercises as soon as possible after childbirth to prevent the uterus from tilting backward.


Although endometriosis is not a difficult-to-treat disease, it causes great harm to women and must be treated in time. Endometriosis can use drugs, such as herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, which is effective to treat endometriosis. It’s made of more than 50 kinds of herbs that will naturally treat endometriosis without side effects.


In more serious cases, surgery can also be performed. The specific treatment method to be used depends on the patient's condition and the patient's requirements. 


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