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Women with Endometriosis Can Get Pregnant

Endometriosis refers to the growth and infiltration of the endometrium tissue (glands and stroma) outside the endometrium. Repeated bleeding can form nodules and masses , causing pain. It can invade any part of the body, such as bladder, kidney, ureter, lung, pleura. 

The cause of endometriosis has not been clarified, and the theory of endometrial implantation is widely recognized. In addition, the occurrence of endometriosis may also be related to genetic factors, immune factors, inflammatory factors, etc.
In view of the above symptoms, there are the following kinds of people easy to get infectious.
(1)Women with low-rate births and late births.
(2)Patients with a history of cesarean section, artificial abortion, and uterine and abdominal cavity surgery.
(3)Low level of the economy.
(4)Infertility patients.
(5)Patients with chronic pelvic pain and secondary dysmenorrhea
The so-called endometriosis, actually refers to a common female gynecological disease planted outside the endometrial by active endometrial cells in a position.
Can patients with endometriosis be pregnant? 
There is no doubt that most patients with endometriosis may have pregnant difficulty.The patients have a poor endometrial environment, coupled with endometriosis, which is likely to grow around ovaries and fallopian tubes, plus ovarian lesions, therefore, it will also greatly affect the patients' pregnancy.
Patients with endometriosis can get pregnant after treatment reception. Endometrial patients have a high chance of pregnancy after treatment. Although endometriosis can lead to very high infertility, after treatment, it can achieve the purpose of pregnancy. If patients with endometriosis can not achieve fertility after surgery or medication, they can also use reproductive assistance to achieve the purpose of pregnancy. 
Besides, if someone has been clinically diagnosed with endometriosis, it will be advisable to seize time for pregnancy therapy, such as the salpingography and follicle development. 
If you are devoted to getting pregnant with endometriosis and expecting to look for no side-effect therapy, lots of approaches will be advised. A safe and effective treatment option is herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. It can eliminate all symptoms caused by endometriosis and treat it completely. Moreover, it can clean up the uterine environment and improve the chance of natural pregnancy.
Anyway, women with endometriosis can be pregnant. But if the condition is severe, they should seek treatment in time. And they should take proper treatment according their age, fertility requirements, and lesion location. 
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