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How is the Natural Pregnancy Chance with Endometriosis?

Patients who have endometriosis will have apparent symptoms of abdominal pain, and patients are often accompanied by infertility. Among patients with endometriosis, the infertility rate is 40% to 50%.


According to the survey, the age of women suffering from this disease is showing a younger trend. Many young females were not married or had no child at the time of the illness, which caused many patients to worry about whether this disease would affect their future fertility problems. So, after suffering from endometriosis, how is the chance of a patient getting pregnant naturally?



Endometriosis can cause female infertility:


1. Endometriosis can cause extensive adhesion of tissues in the pelvic cavity, form masses, affect the oviduct pickup function of the fallopian tube, and it is also not conducive to the transportation of fertilized eggs. The invasion of the ovaries can also cause ovulation dysfunction;


2. Endometriosis can also cause abnormal ovarian function, such as nonovulation, insufficient corpus luteum function, or decreased egg cell quality, low fertilization rate, and low fertilization rate and implantation success rate;


3. The pelvic environment of patients with endometriosis is not good. The number and activity of macrophages in the pelvic fluid increase, which affects the sperm motility that enters the female body and interferes with the maturation of the egg and the function of the fallopian tube;


4. The susceptibility of the endometrium patients with endometriosis is reduced, and even pregnancy is prone to miscarriage.



Methods to solve infertility with endometriosis:


1. Natural fertility: 


If the patient's disease is relatively mild, it can give no treatment to expect a natural pregnancy. It is the best treatment for mildly ill patients.


2. Medication: 


The purpose of treatment with medication is to inhibit the function of the pituitary and ovary, resulting in atrophy of the uterus and then necrosis and absorption of the lesion tissue. There are many methods of drug treatment currently used, such as the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. Its ingredients are natural herbs, which can increase the chance of natural conception after use.


3. Laparoscope: 


The laparoscope is a minimally invasive form of surgery. The adhesions can be separated through surgery, the lesions can be effectively removed, and the ovaries can return to regular ovulation.



If patients with endometriosis are recovering well after treatment, they can prepare for pregnancy. Generally, they can have sex during the ovulation period, effectively increasing the chance of natural pregnancy. After pregnancy, they should have a baby in time to prevent miscarriage, etc. In adverse circumstances, females should rest more after pregnancy, not be tired, especially not do heavy work, and not always have harmful emotional stimulation.


After endometriosis is treated, there is a high chance of getting pregnant as long as the body recovers better. However, the specific probability of pregnancy should be judged based on the patient's postoperative uterine recovery, physical fitness, and surgical results. 


Try not to prepare for pregnancy before the body and uterus have recovered fully. Otherwise, it may cause undesirable conditions such as fetal malformations. Before getting pregnant, women need to go to a professional gynecological hospital for a review. After the review, they can understand how the postoperative recovery is. If recovered well, prepare for pregnancy under the guidance of a doctor.


Endometriosis only has a specific impact on pregnancy. The chances are relatively small, and it is not entirely impossible. Women must relax their minds. Once find this disease, get timely treatment and find a suitable treatment. To cooperate with the doctor and avoid causing more damage to the body.


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