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Treat Endometriosis Through Pregnancy?

After women have endometriosis, there will be menstrual cycle disorders and imbalances, and it will further cause abdominal pain, infertility, and even sexual bleeding pain and other related symptoms. In the process of endometriosis, the female body will have significant discomfort and damage, so it needs to be checked and effectively treated in time.


Endometriosis is a disease caused by active cells that damage the endometrium and other locations. Some treatment methods can make its lesions wither or even necrosis. A radical effect can be achieved in the end. But some females have heard that they can effectively treat endometriosis after pregnancy, so they are delighted and actively carry out conception and want to cure their endometriosis through pregnancy effectively.



In fact, to a certain extent, the pregnancy can indeed effectively alleviate the damage caused by endometriosis. Even after pregnancy, it will stimulate the uterus, endometrium, and other related issues. Some of its active endometrial cells are wilted or reduced during the growth process. As the later active endometrial cells decrease and disappear, the female's internal state can be restored. But in the end, the treatment effect will vary from person to person.


Pregnancy is of therapeutic significance for endometriosis. After incubation, there will be no menstruation and no periodic endometrial shedding. The original endometriosis is necrotic and absorbed so that the uterus will appear after pregnancy. The symptoms of endometriosis are reduced.


The pathogenesis of endometriosis is mainly dependent on estrogen. After pregnancy, menstruation will not come again, and there is no cycle of endometrial shedding. During pregnancy, it will cause an ectopic uterus. If hormones do not support the membrane, it will cause endometrial atrophy, which can inhibit the ectopic endometrium and relieve or reduce the condition of endometriosis.



From the above, pregnancy can indeed effectively alleviate the pathological changes of endometriosis, and it can also relieve abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea, painful intercourse, and sexual intercourse. It can also be regular menstruation after changing the individual's physical condition. Bleeding and other related symptoms have been better improved and adjusted, but whether it can be cured 100%, in the end, depends on the individual's situation. After all, although the treatment has a particular effect, it is not guaranteed to be 100% cured.


If women currently want to have a baby, it is recommended to prepare for pregnancy actively. If women do not have a baby plan but have apparent symptoms of dysmenorrhea, they use medication first. For endometritis, female patients can be cured by oral administration of natural medicine Fuyan Pill. Fuyan pill formula contains Scutellaria, gardenia, and licorice, which have the effect of clearing away heat, detoxicating, and removing the dampness.


During the treatment period, do not have too much mental stress, rest more, ensure adequate sleep, stay up late, develop good work and rest time. If it is convenient, participate in outdoor activities, eat more high-protein food but avoid spicy food.


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