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Will Endometriosis Cause Cancer? How To Prevent Endometriosis?

Endometriosis refers to a disease in which endometrial tissue that should grow on the inner wall of the uterus grows outside the uterus. Although the endometrium grows outside the uterus, it still sheds and bleeds during the menstrual cycle as normal, but the blood of this abnormal tissue cannot be discharged along with the vagina. 


The surrounding area may become inflamed or swollen, and scars may also appear. Tissue or injury, and the most common site of endometriosis, is the ovary. Is it possible for endometriosis to cause cancer? What are the preventive measures for endometriosis?



Will endometriosis cause cancer?


There are three clinical types of endometriosis, which are mainly classified according to the location of the growth of the lesion, one is a chocolate cyst, the other is uterine sarcoma, and another one is the formation of other parts of the pelvic cavity. In the case of deep nodules, the conditions of canceration in these three conditions are also different, uterine adenomyosis is not cancerous, and the probability of canceration of chocolate cysts is 0.5%. The nodular type has a lower likelihood of cancer, so don't worry too much.


Although endometriosis does not become cancerous, it still brings great pain to the patient. People with endometriosis will experience dysmenorrhea and persistent abdominal pain, which is severe pain, very painful. Menstrual disorders, infertility, the probability of infertility in average women is 15%, while that of endometriosis patients is as high as 40%.



How can endometriosis be prevented?


Endometriosis can be prevented in the following ways: 


1. If the patient has reproductive tract malformations, such as hymen atresia or unicornuate uterus, tilted uterus, and other common reproductive tract malformations, leading to menstrual blood reflux or poor menstrual blood flow, Active treatment is required.


2. When performing uterine surgery, especially when it involves endometrial surgery, try to avoid iatrogenic pollution.


Endometriosis does not show symptoms in many cases. When the patient has menstrual abdominal pain or back pain, severe menstrual cramps, painful defecation or urination, abnormal menstrual bleeding, painful intercourse, difficulty in pregnancy, etc., the diagnosis can be confirmed through corresponding examination methods. Especially laparoscopy, which is the only examination method that can confirm the diagnosis, and it is recommended to treat as soon as possible.


Most Patients now choose conservative medications in clinical practice. Patients can use the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to treat endometriosis. Fuyan Pill can anti-inflammation and decrease infection that causes endometriosis. It can also help women repair the damaged tissue, improve pelvic health, help the fallopian tube restore, and have a specific positive effect on female fertility. And it doesn't cause side effects or drug resistance, so it's very safe and reliable for women. 


If a patient with endometriosis delays, the symptoms will become more severe as the disease progresses, and corresponding complications may occur. Infertility is the most common complication, so pay attention to protect the body. Be aware of changes in the body for early detection and early treatment of the disease.


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