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What Stole the "Pregnancy" Between Husband and Wife?

With the improvement of living standards, people are under increasing pressure. In particular, some successful careerists develop many bad habits in their lives for the sake of work and ignore their bodies. As a result, these bad habits lead to infertility. Here is an introduction to the vices that lead to poor pregnancy between husband and wife!



For woman


1. Menstrual sex life


Menstrual sex is one of the most dangerous behaviors. Because this will not only cause infertility but also increase the infection risk in women. In sexual life, the uterus contracts during menstruation. The detached uterus is demolded by the pressure of the uterine contraction to enter the fallopian tube or even the abdominal cavity, resulting in endometriosis. Ectopic endometrium obstructs the fallopian tube and causes infertility. It is also very likely to cause ectopic pregnancy, which is a very dangerous acute abdomen.


Women who have endometriosis can not delay the disease and need to receive treatment in time. Clinically, patients are now more inclined to conservative treatment, such as herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. The ingredients of the Fuyan Pill are purely natural herbs and will not cause side effects even if it is used for a long time. It can also clear the meridians, reduce inflammation and sterilize, and the possibility of recurrence is very low after successful treatment of the disease. After treatment, the chance of spontaneous pregnancy can be increased.


2. Frequent abortion


Painless abortion blinds the eyes of many ignorant women so that they only know that there is no pain but ignore the harm of painless induced abortion. Painless induced abortion can easily damage the endometrium. Repeated painless induced abortion means repeated damage to fertilized eggs implantation and to the endometrium that provides nutrition for its development.


3. Excessive weight loss


Many women regard weight loss as essential homework in their lives. Of course, proper weight loss and healthy weight loss skills can meet psychological and aesthetic needs and benefit the body and mind. However, malnutrition caused by excessive weight loss is the chief culprit in infertility. Women who lack nutrition will affect the function of ovaries and other reproductive organs, causing infertility.


  4. Smoking and alcohol


Smoking and second-hand smoke can cause infertility. The harmful substances in cigarettes can change the health of women's bodies and fertility-related tissues, making them unable to work normally. Women who smoke when pregnant will have a higher chance of miscarriage. Women who smoke must be older; excessive and long-term drinking can also cause infertility in women. Alcohol is expensive and affects women's reproductive system with blood circulation, causing infertility.


 5. Sedentary


White-collar women, due to long-term sitting, often have severe pain before and during menstruation, and lack of exercise, which can cause Qi and blood circulation disorders; some of them are stagnant, and blood stasis can also easily lead to lymphatic or bloody embolism, making fallopian tubes blocked; Moreover, due to sedentary and physical relationship, endometriosis is formed. 



For men


  1. Driving for a long time


Long-term driving or sedentary sitting will oppress the pelvic blood supply and reduce blood oxygen level, which will reduce energy and nutrients, resulting in a decline in sexual activity.


 2. Put the phone in pockets


Most men put their mobile phones in their trouser pockets or on their waists. Keeping the mobile phone in their trouser pockets for a long time makes the testicles vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation, which affects the motility of sperm, and thus affects the number of sperm.


 3. Wear tight jeans


Men should not wear jeans that are too tight, especially chemical fiber "pouch pants" with poor air permeability and poor heat dissipation that wrap the scrotum, keeping the scrotum in a closed state, and the air is not circulating, causing bacteria to breed and causing inflammation of the reproductive tract. Suppose this is the case for a long time. In that case, it is easy to cause the adverse consequences of infertility in the future, and it is also easy to cause the blood supply to decrease, especially in the hot summer, the scrotum will loosen. Tight jeans will affect the suitable temperature of the scrotum.


  4. Over-frequency sauna hot bath


The production of sperm in the testes requires an environment that is 1°C-1.5°C lower than the average body temperature of 37°C. Some data show that if men soak in warm water at 43°C-44°C for 20 minutes for three consecutive days, the sperm density of a person with average sperm density can drop below 10 million/ml. This situation can last for three weeks. Therefore, too frequent and long hot water baths are not suitable for infertile patients with low sperm count and low viability.


5. Partial eclipse


The production of sperm requires raw materials, so spermatogenesis is closely related to nutritional levels. It is essential to eat more protein-rich meat, eggs, fish, and vegetables to ensure the necessary protein, vitamins, and trace elements. People with partial eclipse are often prone to certain nutritional deficiencies.


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