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Why is Female Infertility Becoming More Prevalent? These 5 Gynecological Diseases are the Culprits!

Female infertility has been increasing in recent years, and many women have infertility, and they seek various ways to cure it. But many women do not know that there are many causes of infertility, and gynecological diseases occupy a very high proportion of them. Therefore, women should be vigilant, especially women of childbearing age, to stay away from the following gynecological disorders.



What gynecological diseases can lead to female infertility?


1. Endometriosis


As the name implies, endometriosis is a condition in which the endometrium is found outside the uterine cavity. It leads to changes in the pelvic environment and affecting the sperm-egg combination. Long-term endometriosis can lead to adhesions in the fallopian tubes, affecting female conception and infertility.


2. Uterine fibroids


Although uterine fibroids are benign tumors, they are also one of the causes of female infertility. If the fibroid grows at the orifice of the cervix or fallopian tube, it can block the pathway between the egg and the sperm. Or, if the fibroid is on the endometrium, it can prevent a fertilized egg from settling and developing, which can also affect a woman's ability to conceive. The main symptoms of fibroids are increased leucorrhea, back pain, increased menstrual flow, and prolonged periods.


3. Endometritis


As we all know, the endometrium is an essential membrane for female fertility, which is equivalent to the soil and will continuously supply nutrients to the fetus. Once endometritis occurs, the inflammation stimulates the secretion of many white blood cells, leading to the engulfment of sperm or a decrease in sperm vitality, thus affecting female conception.


4. Ovarian cysts


Ovaries can secrete hormones to promote egg discharge under normal conditions. Still, once a cyst exists, it will affect the normal secretion of hormones, and the eggs will be affected when they are discharged. As the cyst grows in size, it will prevent the eggs from being removed and affect conception.


5. Vaginitis


Vaginitis can lead to increased vaginal secretions, which can affect sperm vitality and penetration. If vaginitis is not treated in time, the inflammation will travel to the fallopian tubes and uterus, leading to tubal inflammation and blockage of the fallopian tubes, affecting egg discharge and decreasing the rate of fertilization and egg binding, making women infertile over time.


What can women do to improve the conception rate?


As mentioned above, various gynecological diseases can lead to a decrease in the conception rate. So, suppose women want to improve the conception rate. In that case, they should prevent multiple gynecological diseases, take measures to avoid them in standard times effectively, and seek a medical examination and take steps once abnormalities are detected to prevent delaying the illness. For example, endometriosis can be well treated by the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. The pill is natural and safe, and long-term use can cure the disease and nourish the body. It can also increase the chances of natural pregnancy. Patients can prepare for pregnancy sometime after they are cured.


It is also necessary to maintain a good mood. Many women are too nervous and anxious because of the difficulty in conceiving, but emotions are one of the main reasons that affect female pregnancy. When emotions are unstable, endocrine disorders and hormonal abnormalities can reduce the quality of eggs, which can also lead to unsuccessful fertilization of eggs and affect conception. Therefore, it is essential to maintain emotional stability and avoid excessive emotional ups and downs.


Women should know that there are many reasons for infertility, and gynecological diseases are one of them. Women should protect their bodies and treat gynecological diseases as soon as they are discovered. Do not think that symptoms do not need the attention and will not affect their lives. With the prolongation of time, the persistence of the disease will affect fertility.


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