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Four Female Diseases that Cannot Be Delayed

Women's reproductive organs have a unique structure, quickly leading to gynecological diseases if they ignore them. Vulvar diseases, vaginal diseases, uterine diseases, fallopian tube diseases, ovarian diseases, etc., are common. Because many gynecological disorders are common, women ignore them when they suffer from them. Although there is treatment, the treatment is not complete, continually repeated. The four types of gynecological diseases cannot be delayed and treated thoroughly to avoid causing harm.



What can four gynecological diseases not be delayed?


1. Endometritis


Endometritis is divided into two types: acute and chronic, and chronic endometritis can become cancerous. It would help alert women to endometritis for timely examination and treatment once women have increased leucorrhea, pelvic pain, and heavy menstrual flow. If endometritis is diagnosed, actively receive treatment.


Effective medication for chronic endometriosis is the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill.  It is harmless to women's bodies and has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects, detoxification and detoxification, blood circulation, and blood stasis. It can effectively treat various female reproductive system diseases, and the recurrence rate is slight after the cure.


2. Pelvic inflammatory disease


The pelvic cavity and fallopian tubes are the body's attachments. When inflammation in the vagina travels up to the pelvic cavity and causes pelvic inflammatory disease, the inflammation will persist and affect the fallopian tubes. If the acute attack is not thoroughly treated and delayed to become chronic, it will cause discomfort and adhesion of the fallopian tubes and affect fertility.


3. Cervical leukoplakia


Cervical leukoplakia, which many women may not know, is an opaque plaque in the cervix or vagina of women.


4. Cervicitis


Cervicitis is a common type of cervicitis, most of which occurs in women after childbirth. When cervicitis is not treated thoroughly in acute attacks, it will be delayed to become chronic, and when chronic cervicitis exists for a long time, patients will feel abnormal leucorrhea.


How to prevent gynecological diseases in daily life?


1. Avoid overexertion


Less stay up late and more rest, enough rest to maintain the body's immunity to normal, and reduced disease incidence.


2. Avoid strenuous exercise


When there is a pelvic inflammatory disease, avoid strenuous exercise, which will make the pelvic cavity congested and aggravate the symptoms. Vigorous exercise can cause excessive force. When some external point hits the position of the human uterus in this process, it is easy to cause changes in the part of the uterus, thereby causing endometriosis.


3. Pay attention to the diet


Spicy and stimulating foods should be eaten sparingly, as they can stimulate the vaginal mucosa and cause pelvic congestion, increasing the prevalence of gynecological diseases. It is advisable to eat light and digestible foods. 


Patients should avoid fried and spicy foods, seafood, and other spicy foods. Eat more foods rich in protein and vitamins, such as lean meat, liver, tofu, fruits, and vegetables. Irritating foods such as tobacco and alcohol are strictly prohibited. 


At the same time, a local hot compress can promote the natural absorption of inflammation, speed up blood circulation, and relieve symptoms.


4. Regular checkups


Regular gynecological checkups are essential to detect abnormalities, take timely measures, and understand the relevant situation.


Women should protect their reproductive system daily to prevent inflammatory infections and lead to various gynecological diseases. Once the presence of illness timely treatment, to avoid delay leading to more severe injury. Especially these kinds of above, without attention to let it delay, will eventually lead to lesions and harm life.


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