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Can Stay up Late for a Long Time Cause Endometriosis?

With the development of society, the pressure on modern people's life is also increasing. They often work until midnight, which affects their work and rest. Along with various life pressures, multiple diseases are coming quietly. For women, endometriosis is a prevalent disease, so many people doubt whether it is caused by staying up late for a long time.

Does staying up late for a long time cause endometriosis?
Generally speaking, there is no necessary link between staying up late for a long time and suffering from endometriosis. Women who were infertile and worked night shifts for more than five years had an increased risk of endometriosis than women who didn't work night shifts. Conversely, there was no necessary link between long-term night work and endometriosis for women of childbearing potential.
According to the survey findings, women who regularly work night shifts for more than five years have an increased risk of developing endometriosis if they are also infertile. But the researchers also pointed out that the relationship between long-term night work and endometriosis and infertility is also more complicated.
Causes of endometriosis
1. Intercourse during menstruation, because the mental excitement during intercourse leads to uterine contractions, coupled with the extrusion of the body, the shed endometrial fragments enter the pelvic cavity from the uterus along the fallopian tubes or stay in the fallopian tubes and ovaries—one of the common causes of endometriosis.
2. Because of the abnormal position of the uterus, the normal uterus should be in an anteverted flexion position, which is conducive to the discharge of menstrual blood. Suppose the part of the uterus is retroverted and retroflexed, and the degree of retroversion is severe. In that case, the menstrual blood will not be discharged smoothly, and the menstrual blood accumulated in the uterine cavity will flow back into the abdominal cavity when the pressure increases. Endometriosis in the abdominal cavity occurs because the menstrual blood is mixed with endometrial fragments.
3. Because women are emotionally unstable for a long time due to endocrine disorders, it will also cause uterine blood to flow back into the abdominal cavity and cause endometriosis.
How is endometriosis treated?
Endometriosis treatment aims to "reduce and eliminate lesions, relieve and relieve pain, improve and promote fertility, and reduce and avoid recurrence." The treatment measures should be standardized and individualized. The treatment of pelvic pain and pelvic mass during infertility should be treated separately. The treatment methods include surgical treatment, drug treatment, interventional treatment, and assisted reproductive medicine.
The individualized treatment plan can be drug or surgical treatment. Drugs can be divided into high-efficiency progesterone, and gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist. Besides, women can choose herbal medicine Fuyan Pill for treatment. It can eliminate symptoms without side effects. Moreover, it can clean up the environment in the uterus and increase the chance of natural pregnancy.
And surgery can also be divided into laparoscopic surgery, laparotomy, and thorough treatment of ovarian cysts and adenomyosis. And minor adjuvant therapy is also possible.
If the patient is infertile after drugs or surgery, it is necessary to decide whether to perform artificial insemination or  IVF according to the symptoms of infertility and age. It is essential to formulate an individualized treatment plan based on individual circumstances and cannot be generalized.
In short, staying up late has little to do with endometriosis, but most females should not take it lightly, thinking that staying up late does not affect the body. Staying up late is more harmful to our body, so stay up late if you can stay up less for our health. Do more exercise every day and adjust your routine so that your body will get better and better.
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