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What to do with Exercise-induced Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is common gynecological diseases. It was mainly the shift of location that occurred in the endometrium of people. If women are diagnosed with the disease, women must be given good attention. Because the disease directly affects the female reproductive system, it is a devastating affliction to women.

There are many causes of endometriosis, and one reason is that women do vigorous exercise during menstruation. So why does exercise cause endometriosis? What about endometriosis caused by exercise?
Why does exercise cause endometriosis?
Women often discuss this issue, particularly those women who like to challenge themselves, and some female athletes are very concerned about it. According to the investigation, strenuous exercise is a risk factor for endometriosis, especially during menstrual periods.
Women contract their abdominal muscles during strenuous exercise, which increases abdominal pressure, whereas once abdominal pressure increases during menses, then menorrhagia follows the phenomenon of reflux. When blood flows to the pelvic cavity, the shed endometrium is likely to seed in the myometrial, pelvic, and abdominal walls, which leads to the development of endometriosis. After getting endometriosis, patients often experience progressively exacerbated menstrual pain, and it also will lead to the symptom of infertility.
What to do with exercise-induced endometriosis?
There are some ways to treat patients diagnosed with endometriosis resulting from exercise. Firstly, those patients should stop the exercise at their menstrual age. It will lead to an aggravation of the disease, and increase the menstrual blood volume, even leading to anemia in patients.
Secondly, patients should take treatment aggressively. Currently, there are three ways for patients to treat the endometriosis:
1. Hormonal medications control the condition
For patients with fertility requirements or whose diseases are not very serious, Western medicine often uses hormonal medications to control the disease condition. The therapeutic principle is to allow the ectopic endometrium to undergo atrophy through stimulation by hormonal medications. The commonly hormonal drugs in clinical practice are medroxyprogesterone, gemstone, etc.
2. Surgical treatment
Surgical treatment was divided into conservative surgical treatment, semi-conservative surgical treatment, and radical surgical treatment. Conservative surgery is just suitable for those patients who are young and have fertile requirements. When doing the conservative surgery, doctors will remove endometriosis lesions and preserve the uterus and normal ovarian tissue. Semi-conservative surgery is suitable for patients who do not have the fertile requirements and are older (generally older than 45). When doing the semi-conservative surgery, doctors will remove the uterus and excise diseased tissue but preserve the normal ovarian tissue. Radical surgery is just suitable for those patients who are near menopause. When doing the radical surgery, doctors will cut the uterus and ovaries together in case of recurrence.
3. Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning
The formation of ectopic nodules generally causes endometriosis due to periodic endometrial hemorrhage and fibrosis of the surrounding tissue.
At the same time, dysmenorrhea, menstrual abnormalities, etc., are the disease's symptoms. Oral medicine is traditional Chinese medicine's mainstay for treating endometriosis.
Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is mainly based on stimulating blood circulation and eliminating stasis. Combined with anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, heat-clearing, and detoxifying prescriptions, it can relieve symptoms such as dysmenorrhea. At the same time, the effect of the medicine goes directly to the affected area, treating the disease from the root.
The above tips are detailed answers to why exercise causes endometriosis and what to do with exercise-induced endometriosis. So to avoid the disease, women should stop exercising during menses and pay attention to rest, defend against cold and keep warm.
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