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Exercise More to Relieve Endometriosis!
Many women with endometriosis often think they are in poor health and not suitable to exercise for fear of overtiring themselves. But in fact, women with endometriosis must exercise adequately, which helps inhibit the growth rate of endometriosis and is beneficial to the female body. Exercise sweating a lot is a good choice.
Endometriosis in life is very high, and it hurts many women. A healthy lifestyle can indeed bring some help to the patient's body. So, how should women with endometriosis exercise?
Sweating is Important
There are a lot of toxins in the sweat excreted by the human body during exercise, which is the key to effective disease prevention. Generally speaking, patients with common clinical endometriosis do not have good exercise habits, which leads to the phagocytosis of the white blood cells of the female sports body, which damages the menstrual blood and endometrial tissue of women, resulting in endometriosis. 
Recommended Exercise
It is recommended that women may do more aerobic exercise such as brisk walking and jogging. In addition, it's believed that exercise can effectively increase the concentration of male hormones in women, and these hormones can effectively fight against excessive female hormones.
Women are encouraged to exercise more than two hours a week, which can significantly relieve endometriosis pain. Then the best way to exercise may be running and bouncing, which have a specific stimulating effect on female muscles, which can not only prevent the occurrence of diseases but also effectively avoid the occurrence of joint inflammation and increase the concentration of male hormones.
Exercise can effectively relieve pain and reduce the amount of estrogen in the body. Patients with endometriosis can effectively delay the growth rate of endometriosis. Therefore, women who do not like exercise can try light exercise such as walking for a long time. Women with stiff bodies or joint discomfort can try to learn dance. These sports are all beneficial to women's health.
Improper Exercise
Exercise can improve physical fitness, but it can not directly treat endometriosis. During menstruation, handstand, yoga, or raising the hips may increase the possibility of fluid reflux, leading to endometriosis, so these exercises are not recommended.
Possible Treatment Methods
Although exercise can help relieve the pain of endometriosis, the disease is difficult to heal, so it must be treated with medication or surgery. Doctors are required to have superb gynecological surgical techniques and a solid foundation of gynecological endocrinology to design individualized treatment plans for patients of different ages, symptoms, and fertility requirements. The possible treatment methods are as follows:
1. Chemical Medicine Treatment: The main purpose of treatment is to inhibit ovarian function, prevent the occurrence and growth of endometriosis, reduce the activity of endometriosis lesions and reduce the formation of adhesions. The available drugs are divided into four categories: oral contraceptives, high-efficiency progestins, androgen-like derivatives, and GnRH-a.
2. Herbal Medicine treatment. From the point of traditional Chinese medicine, the primary pathogenesis of endometriosis is blood stasis. Treatment should be based on the basic principle of "activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis." The herbal ingredients such as safflower, angelica, and peach kernel in Fuyan Pill have the function of dissolving stasis and dissipating abnormal tissue. Therefore, this medicine can help patients relieve the pain in the body and cure endometriosis.
3. Surgical Treatment: The primary purpose of surgical treatment is to remove the lesion and restore the anatomy. It can be divided into conservative surgery, semi-radical surgery, and radical surgery.
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