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How Do You Know If It's Endometriosis or Something Else? These Six Symptoms Help

Endometriosis is a common gynecological disease that dramatically impacts female friends' physical and mental health. Untreated endometriosis can lead to infertility in women. So knowing the symptoms of endometriosis can help you detect the disease early. Let's take a closer look at the six signs of endometriosis!

1. Dysmenorrhea
Dysmenorrhea is a common and prominent symptom, primarily secondary, from the onset of endometriosis. It can occur before, during, and after menstruation. Some people have severe dysmenorrhea and need bed rest or medication for pain relief. Pain often increases with the menstrual cycle. Ectopic intimal hyperplasia swells due to elevated estrogen levels. If under the influence of progesterone, it can bleed and irritate local tissue, causing pain. In the case of endometriosis, myometrial contractures and dysmenorrhea are more prominent. 
In addition, in pelvic endometriosis, many inflammatory processes can be detected, most likely local inflammatory processes accompanied by active peritoneum lesions, resulting in pain or tenderness caused by polypeptide substances such as prostaglandins and kallikrein. However, the pain level often does not reflect the extent of the disease detected by laparoscopy. Clinically, patients with apparent endometriosis but painless menstruation account for about 25%. 
2. Increased Menstrual Flow
Women with endometriosis often experience increased menstrual flow and prolonged periods. It may be caused by endometrial hyperplasia, but most are associated with ovarian insufficiency.
3. Infertility
Patients with endometriosis are often infertile. Pelvic endometriosis often causes adhesions around the fallopian tubes that interfere with oocyte collection or cause lumen obstruction. Or infertility due to ovarian lesions affecting the normal ovulation process. 
4. Pain During Intercourse
Patients with endometriosis will experience pain during sexual life mainly because the location of endometriosis is special. When endometriosis occurs in the vaginal rectal septum or the uterosacral ligament, during sexual life, the lesions are involved, and pain occurs. Endometriosis occurs in the uterine rectal fossa and vaginal rectal septum, causing swelling of surrounding tissues, affecting sexual life, and aggravating premenstrual discomfort.
5. Rectum Symptoms
It usually occurs premenstrual or postmenstrual. The patient experiences pain when stool passes through the rectum, but not at other times. It is a typical symptom of endometriosis near the uterine rectal fossa and rectum. Occasionally ectopic endometrium is deep into the rectal mucosa, causing rectal bleeding during menstruation. 
6. Bladder Symptoms
The main symptom of endometriosis involving the bladder is hematuria. When the endometrium cells are ectopic to the bladder, they may continue to grow and invade the endometrial and mucosal tissues of the bladder. When menstrual cramps, the ectopic endometrial tissue may also bleed, manifesting as hematuria. Hematuria is the main symptom of endometriosis invading the bladder. Generally, cystoscopy can be used to determine whether endometriosis is invading the bladder.
Women with endometriosis must be treated promptly. Endometriosis is sometimes not easy to spot. Some women don't understand their physical health, so it's easy to wait until endometriosis has had a more significant impact before starting treatment, missing the best time for treatment. 
Women can nourish their bodies by taking herbal medicine. Fuyan Pill is a good choice. This medicine is made of pure plants, which can effectively relieve the pain caused by endometriosis. It effectively eliminates inflammation, kills bacteria, clears heat, and promotes blood circulation, which can help women cure endometriosis without surgery.
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