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Can You See Endometriosis on an Ultrasound?

The vast majority of endometriosis can be seen through B-ultrasound. B-mode ultrasound is essential for diagnosing ovarian endometriosis and bladder and rectal endometriosis. It can determine the location and size of ectopic cysts and their shape. The sensitivity and specificity of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of endometriosis are both above 96%, so ultrasonography is essential for diagnosing endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a common clinical disease. It has the aggressive biological behavior of cancer but does not interfere with normal life. The main clinical manifestations are dysmenorrhea, infertility, or changes in menstrual flow. At present, the cause is unknown. 
Endometriosis often invades the ovaries, uterine surface, uterine ligaments, pelvis and peritoneum, and even the lungs, resulting in lesions or cysts in the corresponding sites. If it invades the ovary, it is called an ovarian chocolate cyst and can easily lead to decreased ovarian function. Surgical removal of the cyst is recommended.
Ultrasound examinations show cystic masses of varying sizes, primarily medium in size, with varying thicknesses of cyst walls, or smooth or rough, and granular and fine echoes can be seen in the cysts. If the ectopic cystic mass heavily adheres to the surrounding tissue, the boundary is unclear, and if there is less adhesion to the surrounding tissue, the border is clear.
On ultrasound imaging, it can be seen that the cyst of endometriosis is round or oval, adhered to the surrounding, especially the uterus. The images are not specific and cannot be diagnosed solely by ultrasound images. After a preliminary diagnosis of endometriosis is made by B-mode ultrasonography, other auxiliary examinations are required.
Such as CA12-5 or anti-endometrial antibody to further confirm the diagnosis. For the final diagnosis of endometriosis, currently internationally recognized, the best and most valuable diagnostic method for endometriosis is to take a biopsy under laparoscopy. Pelvic CT and magnetic resonance imaging also have certain diagnostic values for pelvic endometriosis, but they are expensive and are not used as primary diagnostic methods. Therefore, the use of ultrasound to diagnose endometriosis is a required method.
The goals of endometriosis treatment are to remove the lesion, reduce pain, increase the chance of pregnancy, and delay recurrence as much as possible. It has a high recurrence rate, whether with surgery or drug treatment.
After identifying the disease in the endometrium, the patient needs to take timely treatment. When symptoms are mild, patients can be treated with medication. When symptoms are relatively severe, they require surgery. It is also necessary to pay attention to the care of the uterus in peacetime and to go to the hospital for review on time.
The use of traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill for endometriosis has a good therapeutic effect, and it is safe and has no toxic side effects. It can effectively treat endometriosis, help patients get rid of endometriosis, help patients adjust the inside, balance Qi and blood, and improve immunity.
Precautions for endometriosis: First, patients should try to eat less cold and hot food every day. Second, they need to exercise more and stay happy. Endometriosis can affect pregnancy, and patients with fertility requirements should conceive as soon as possible.
Finally, contraception is required when a woman with endometriosis is not planning to become pregnant. Oral contraceptives are the first choice for contraception. Because oral contraceptives can prevent not only contraception but also have a good therapeutic effect on endometriosis. They need to minimize endometriosis caused by iatrogenic factors, such as reducing the number of curettages and miscarriages.
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