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What to Expect for Your Fertility After Endometriosis Surgery?

After surgery for patients with endometriosis, the factors that affect pregnancy are mainly corrected and treated. Such as removal of endometriosis lesions, removal of adhesions, decomposition of the uterus and rectum, adhesions between the uterus and the bladder, and restoration of the normal anatomical structure of the pelvic cavity, all of which are helpful for pregnancy. 

Therefore, the fertility rate after surgical treatment has little effect on patients with mild endometriosis. For laparoscopic surgery patients, doctors usually give drugs for 3-6 months and try to make the patient pregnant within a year.
The chance of pregnancy after endometriosis surgery is generally relatively high, as long as the patient rests for some time after surgery so that the body can return to a healthy state as soon as possible. 
Before trying to conceive, you should go to the hospital for a review, and the test results show that the uterus has returned to health before you can prepare for pregnancy. If it does not recover well, the recuperation time should be extended. During this time, the patient cannot have sex and should also pay attention to personal hygiene.
After endometriosis is treated by surgery, as long as the body recovers well, there will be a high chance of pregnancy, and it will not have a great impact on the fertility of female friends. The probability of pregnancy is about 80%. However, the specific possibility of pregnancy depends on the patient's postoperative uterine recovery, physical fitness, and surgical results.
They try not to prepare for pregnancy until their bodies and uterus recover. Otherwise, there may be adverse situations such as fetal malformations. Before preparing for pregnancy, they should go to a professional gynecological hospital for a re-examination. After the re-examination, you can understand the recovery after the operation. If the recovery is good, you can prepare for pregnancy under the guidance of a doctor.
Try pregnancy within three to half a year after endometriosis surgery is generally possible. Before that, it is better to focus on recuperating the body, and laying a foundation for future childbearing can ensure a higher chance of successful pregnancy. Patients can not always be nervous and anxious after surgery. They need to maintain a calm and stable state of mind, which is beneficial to physical recovery and subsequent pregnancy work.
Endometriosis patients recover well after surgery and can prepare for pregnancy. Generally, women can have sex when women are ovulating, which can effectively improve the probability of pregnancy. After pregnancy, they should protect the fetus in time to prevent miscarriage and other adverse situations. After pregnancy, females should pay more attention to rest, especially not doing heavy work.
The disease has a high recurrence rate, and the chance of infertility increases as the disease progresses. Moreover, the pregnancy rate is the highest in the first year after the operation. Those who are still not pregnant two years after the operation have a significantly lower probability of pregnancy. Therefore, those who wish to conceive should strive to conceive as soon as possible.
However, some patients still have severe pelvic adhesions and organ damage because endometriosis is relatively extensive. After surgery, it is possible that fertility is still relatively low and cannot be conceived naturally.
These patients can use traditional Chinese medicine such as Fuyan Pill to improve the function of the fallopian tubes. After surgery, patients may have the possibility of recurrence of endometriosis, and they can also be treated with Fuyan Pill, which can effectively reduce the probability of recurrence. Those still unable to conceive after drug treatment need to turn to assisted reproductive technology as soon as possible, that is, artificial insemination and IVF technology to conceive.
Patients with endometriosis treated by surgery need to pay attention to some things in life:
First, they should eat more light, nutritious and easy-to-digest food in their diet and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure balanced nutrition. Secondly, they should participate in sports properly to enhance their resistance and immunity. Finally, after surgery, they should pay attention to taking antibiotics under the guidance of doctors to prevent inflammatory infections.
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