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Crossing Your Legs is Bad for Endometriosis

The inducing factors of endometriosis include genetic factors and immune defense defects, among which crossing the legs is one of the reasons. Crossing the legs in women is bad for the health of the genitals and may cause the aggravation of lower limb thrombosis and varicose veins. Additionally, crossing legs may hinder blood circulation and cause gynecological diseases such as endometriosis.

It turns out that chronically crossing legs can hugely impact a woman's health. Women who cross their legs are more likely to suffer from gynecological diseases. Because when women cross their legs, their private places will be oppressed. When they cross their legs, they will raise the temperature of the lower body, which will cause the breeding of bacteria in the case of air tightness, leading to various gynecological inflammation. 
Crossing legs increase the risk of Osteoarthritis and other diseases due to chronic stress on the knee joints. If the legs are crossed, and the blood is not flowing smoothly, there will be numbness in the lower legs or thighs and vascular diseases in the lower extremities, such as increasing the risk of varicose veins and poor blood flow. The spine is deformed. Normally, the spine is straight, from the side to see is presented in the shape of S, so long-term crossing legs will make the spine form a C shape, and the spine is seriously compressed. In the case of uneven force, there will be a deformation phenomenon, and in severe conditions will appear lumbar disc herniation.
Prevent endometriosis 
Give up crossing legs. The girls must give up the habit of crossing their legs. The girls who cannot wholly change the habit of crossing their legs temporarily should limit the time to 10 minutes and usually alternate the legs. Walk outside every hour you sit. 
Forbid sexual life during menstruation. Women must control their desires during menstruation, not have sex, and reduce the probability of backflow of menstrual blood. In addition, women should be careful not to overwork themselves and do strenuous exercise during their period.
After becoming pregnant, girls do not abort easily. Do not choose to abort for jobs, careers, and faces! Studies have shown that women aged 21 to 29 are at the prime time for childbirth. However, late marriage, delivery, and multiple births may increase the risk of endometriosis.
Exercise actively. Studies show that women who exercise more than 2 hours a week are one time less likely to develop endometriosis than those who don't! Therefore, it is suggested that girls establish good exercise habits at ordinary times to increase body immunity.
Take examination positively. If your mother and sister in the family have endometriosis, you should see a doctor immediately. Women must pay attention to endometriosis! Do not take any chances if your pain is evident during menstrual periods. Check your condition actively and see a doctor immediately.
To prevent the occurrence of iatrogenic endometriosis. When women undergo a cesarean section surgery, attention should be paid to the protection of the wound, to avoid the endometrium into the incision cultivation and prevent the endometrium back into the pelvis because the women who had done artificial abortion will suddenly reduce the negative pressure.
How to treat endometriosis?
Regular follow-up is mainly used in patients with mild lesions, asymptomatic or mild symptoms. Generally, they need follow-up in one of a few months. Once symptoms or signs develop, treatment can be administered as appropriate. People with reproductive needs should undertake each check about infertility actively. Encouraging early conception, after pregnancy, the disease may naturally regress.
For drug treatment, Fuyan pill can be used for treatment. The raw materials of the Fuyan pill are mainly composed of bupleurum, Poria cocos, Scutellaria, jasmine, Atractylodes atractylodes, honeysuckle, Trogopterus Dung, and so on. The bactericidal power of Fuyan Pill is strong, which can be used to treat the inflammation of the cervix, uterus, pelvic cavity, ovary and other places, including endometriosis.
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