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Is Endometriosis Hereditary? Can It Run in Family Members?

A study by Iceland scientists has uncovered the genetic cause of endometriosis. Studies have shown that endometriosis is a disease that can be passed on from father or mother to their children. Because endometriosis worsens with age, the researchers recommend that women with a family history of the condition have children early.

If there is a family history of endometriosis, it is important to see your doctor as soon as you notice the symptoms of endometriosis recently, such as dysmenorrhea, heavy menstruation, infertility, painful intercourse, tumbling discomfort during defecation, frequent and painful urination. See a doctor immediately. Otherwise, it may have a higher chance of developing endometriosis than others.
Gynecological experts remind females with a family history of endometriosis that they must pay attention to the following situations in daily life. Pay attention to adjusting your emotions and keeping an optimistic and cheerful attitude to keep the function of the immune system normal. Girls should pay attention to their warmth and avoid having colds. During menstruation, all strenuous physical exercise and heavy manual labor are prohibited. 
Maintain emotional stability and avoid excessive fatigue. Once the tension in the cyst suddenly rises, the cyst wall will rupture, and an acute abdomen will be formed. Try to do less abortion and curettage, and make your fertility planning. Do a good job of your health care during menstrual periods, and pay attention to control your emotions, do not sulk. Otherwise, it will lead to endocrine changes. Pubescent girls should avoid being shocked so as not to cause amenorrhea, which can form an overflow. Having sex must be forbidden during menstruation.
Endometriosis is caused by poor menstrual blood flow, in which fragments of the endometrium flow back through the fallopian tubes to other tissues. Although these lining pieces are shed, there is no loss of vitality. As a result, after reaching other tissues, they will spread their roots and grow in other tissues or organs like seeds. Endocrine also controls it with periodic growth, shedding, and bleeding. Because they can not find a way out of the bleeding, they gradually collect in the local, forming some endometriotic nodules or cysts.
Endometriosis is neither inflammation nor a tumor, but it has characteristics similar to a malignant tumor, like proliferation, infiltration, diffusion, and transfer. And the development of lesions and diffusion is conducted under the control of the endocrine function. A disease with these features is unique, so it is a special gynecological disease. The main symptoms of endometriosis are dysmenorrhea, dyspareunia, and infertility. 
Treatments for endometriosis include surgery and medication. The primary purpose of surgery is to remove the lesion and improve the patient's fertility. After surgery, the disease is particularly prone to relapse, so drugs such as GnRHa and other oral drugs are used to reduce the recurrence of endometriosis. In addition to surgery and medicine, the combination of TCM and Western methods can also be considered for treatment. Fuyan pill can be chosen for traditional Chinese medicine treatment, which has the characteristics of good curative effect and small side effects.
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