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Why does Endometriosis Damage Your Reproductive Function?

The endometrium falls off with the menstrual cycle, invading the ovary, the posterior wall of the uterus, the ligaments, the peritoneum between the vagina and rectum, and the pelvic cavity, forming chocolate cysts or endometriosis.

Why does endometriosis damage reproductive function?
1. In patients with endometriosis and sexual intercourse pain, the frequency, and quality of their sexual life will significantly decrease, thus affecting the fertility rate.
2. Endometriosis invading the ovary will damage ovarian function. On the one hand, it will affect ovulation and lead to ovulation dysfunction; On the other hand, ectopic endometrium causes repeated bleeding and organization of the ovary and its surrounding tissues, which impacts the function of the ovary.
3. The endometrial environment of endometriosis is not good, and the endometrial receptivity is decreased, so the abortion rate of natural pregnancy is high, and the implantation rate is low. Even if a good embryo is cultured and placed in the uterine cavity of patients with endometriosis, the abortion rate is increased compared with that of patients without endometriosis. Therefore, the decrease in endometrial receptivity is also a reason for the decline in fertility.
4. Endometriosis is an inflammatory disease that affects the contraction of the uterus and leads to an increase in the abortion rate. The late pregnancy of the patient is affected by the endometrium. The incidence of placenta previa and placental abruption is relatively high, and the complications in the late pregnancy are also more, resulting in decreased fertility.
Endometriosis can be very mild, mild, moderate, and severe. Patients with mild endometriosis can be treated without special treatment and actively strive for pregnancy.
For patients with endometriosis affecting reproductive function, laparoscopic diagnosis and appropriate surgery can be performed. Patients with reproductive requirements can choose the traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill for treatment. It can eliminate symptoms very well. And it can clean up the toxins in the uterus and improve the chances of natural pregnancy.
If none of the above methods is effective, you can choose assisted pregnancy therapy, artificial insemination, or IVF.
Since endometriosis can damage reproductive function, how to prevent it in life?
1. Prevention of menstrual blood reflux
Timely find and treat diseases that cause menstrual blood retention, such as acute atresia, stenosis of the congenital genital tract, secondary cervical adhesion, vaginal stenosis, etc. These diseases can cause menstrual blood reflux and affect uterine health.
2. Oral contraceptives
Oral contraceptives can inhibit ovulation, promote endometrial atrophy, and effectively reduce the risk of endometriosis. This method can be selected for high-risk family history and easy pregnancy.
3. Avoid multiple uterine cavity operations
Women should try to avoid multiple uterine cavity operations to prevent iatrogenic ectopic endometrial implantation. Do a good job in contraception and avoid numerous abortions. If you want to perform uterine cavity surgery, you need to go to a regular hospital to ensure that you do a good job in pre-operative and post-operative treatment, and avoid a nonstandard operation, wound suture, or improper cleaning.
Health tips: if you suspect you have endometriosis, you can visit the hospital for examination. B-type ultrasound can determine the cause. Laparoscopy can directly observe the pelvic lesions, which is the best method for diagnosis.
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