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Getting Pregnant With Endometriosis: Is It Possible?

Endometriosis is more common in women aged 20-40. The common symptoms of patients include dysmenorrhea, endless menstruation, frequent urination, pain in stool, anal distension, infertility, etc. For patients with endometriosis who have fertility requirements, doctors will always advise them to get pregnant as soon as possible if their condition is mild.

So why should endometriosis patients get pregnant as soon as possible?
Endometriosis is the ectopic invasion of endometrial cells into the pelvic cavity along the fallopian tube. These ectopic endometria will also fall off and bleed with the patient's menstrual cycle. Still, it cannot be discharged from the cervical mouth like normal menstruation, so it will accumulate in the patient's pelvic cavity and other places to form lesions and nodules.
Due to the extensive planting of endometrium in the pelvic cavity and ovary, the focus nodules and cysts formed in patients with endometriosis will lead to extensive adhesion in the pelvic cavity and hinder ovarian function. It may also distort the fallopian tube, affect ovulation and embryo implantation, and cause infertility.
Patients with endometriosis have different degrees of endometrial lesions due to different physiques, and there are significant differences in the probability of pregnancy. There is no accurate number. At present, data show that the possibility of infertility in such people is as high as 40%. Therefore, patients with endometriosis have a 60% chance of pregnancy.
Therefore, if you have fertility requirements and are in the early stage of onset or with mild endometriosis, it is recommended to try to get pregnant actively. On the other hand, we all know that a women's pregnancy is about ten months. During this period, the estrogen level of patients decreases, and menstruation stops. Therefore, the endometrium and ectopic endometrial cells of patients will shrink to a certain extent, which will alleviate and improve the condition of endometriosis.
However, it should be noted that after pregnancy, patients with endometriosis will be affected by the disease, and the ovarian function will be damaged, which will affect the development of the fetus. The risk of spontaneous abortion is relatively high.
Therefore, remind patients with endometriosis to pay attention to fetal protection after pregnancy.
When endometriosis is found, drug treatment should be carried out under the guidance of doctors as soon as possible, such as the use of progesterone, contraceptives, etc. It is suggested that patients with severe symptoms should choose surgery, such as fertility-preserving surgery, which can improve the pregnancy rate.
It is suggested that young patients with adenomyosis who have reproductive needs and do not want to cut the uterus can choose the Fuyan Pill for oral treatment. It can significantly reduce the amount of menstruation, solve the problem of dysmenorrhea to a large extent, slowly improve the symptoms of anemia, eliminate the feeling of anal distension, and restore regular work and life.
In addition, active prevention of diseases in life is the key. Therefore, women must develop good living habits and do a good job of prevention. The first is never to have sex when menstruation comes. 
Secondly, they should do good nursing care during menstruation and frequently change sanitary napkins. Moreover, contraceptive measures must be taken in sexual life. 
Finally, women should avoid the bad habit of sitting for a long time.
Females should not have too much psychological pressure after knowing that they have a disease. Remember to go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.
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