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What's Wrong with Abdominal Pain and Blood in the Leukorrhea? Beware of Endometritis

Women with pain in the abdomen and blood in the leukorrhea may be experiencing endometritis. Endometritis is divided into acute and chronic. The former will have increased leukorrhea, sometimes bloody or foul-smelling, with signs of pain in the abdomen. In chronic cases, the symptoms are lower abdominal pain, lumbosacral swelling, and the primary symptoms of increased menstruation and blood in the leukorrhea.

Some women may experience pain in the abdomen and blood in the leucorrhea, but the pain is not severe, and the blood is relatively small. It does not affect life and work, so they ignore it and let the disease develop.
What happened to the abdominal pain and blood in the leucorrhea?

1. chronic pelvic inflammatory disease
It may be a chronic pelvic inflammatory disease if you often have abdominal pain or cramping, accompanied by increased leucorrhea with blood. The pelvic cavity will be locally congested and edematous, and the elasticity of the tissue will be reduced so that it will be manifested as abdominal pain. And this abdominal pain is often aggravated during menstruation, after sex, and when the body is tired. Leukorrhea is mainly caused by the endometrium suffering from infection and irregular shedding of the endometrium.
2. Pregnancy
Abdominal pain with blood in the leucorrhea is considered abdominal pain and abnormal vaginal bleeding. In early pregnancy, a woman's uterus rapidly increases in size, and the symptoms of abdominal pain will appear. If vaginal bleeding is accompanied by slight abdominal discomfort, it may be caused by a preterm miscarriage.
First, you need to calculate the possibility of pregnancy according to your menstrual cycle, and to be on the safe side, you need to go to the hospital for the appropriate tests. The test is usually a quantitative or targeted measurement of blood and urine levels of human chorionic gonadotropin. If the blood test is negative, the possibility of pregnancy can be ruled out.
3. Ovulation bleeding
In most cases, the abdominal pain may be only brief and accompanied by a small amount of vaginal bleeding, which leads to blood in the leukorrhea. This condition may be related to ovulation.
Abdominal pain with blood in the leucorrhea? Beware of endometritis
Women who experience pain in the abdomen and have blood in the leukorrhea may have endometritis. Endometritis is an inflammatory reaction caused by infection of the uterine lining with pathogenic bacteria and is classified as acute or chronic. Patients with acute endometritis will have increased leukorrhea, sometimes bloody leukorrhea, accompanied by a foul odor, and symptoms of abdominal pain. Chronic endometritis is characterized by soreness and pain in the lower abdomen and lower back and is accompanied by increased menstruation and blood in the leukorrhea.
How to treat endometritis that causes abdominal pain and blood in the leukorrhea?
Acute endometritis may cause serious consequences such as diffuse peritonitis, sepsis, and even infectious shock. In contrast, chronic endometritis may be complicated by pus accumulation in the uterine cavity or perforation. Both acute and chronic conditions should be treated aggressively.
For acute endometritis, treatment with appropriate antibiotics is recommended to control the infection and prevent the spreading of inflammation. For chronic endometritis, taking the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is recommended. It can sterilize and reduce inflammation, relieve patients' pain and discomfort, regulate menstruation and leucorrhea abnormalities, and allow the endometrium to return to normal!
Usually, ignoring personal hygiene may lead to endometritis, so women should pay attention to the proper care of their private parts. Try to choose underwear with good breathability, and do not wear tight underwear. Otherwise, it will easily lead to the onset of endometritis. The indiscriminate use of hormonal drugs can also lead to endometritis.
The above are the reasons for abdominal pain and blood in the leucorrhea. I hope this information helps you!
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