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Different Types of Endometriosis- Traditions Chinese Medicine Approach

We know that the human body is very complex, especially the structure of the female body. There are always many gynecological diseases that accompany women and bring some problems. Endometriosis is a disease with a high incidence. To a large extent, it will lead to female infertility. However, there are many ways to treat endometriosis. Western medicine generally divides it into conservative, semi-conservative, and radical surgery according to the actual situation of patients.

Conservative surgery and semi-conservative surgery only remove the intima of the patient's lesion. Since the cause has not been eradicated, the patient is likely to recur in the future. Therefore, choosing traditional Chinese medicine is a better treatment.
Let's learn about the treatment of endometriosis in traditional Chinese medicine.

Treatment of endometriosis by regulating qi and activating blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and relieving pain:
According to traditional Chinese medicine, the symptoms include abdominal distension and pain before and after menstruation, the anterior and posterior vulva is swollen. The desire to defecate, the blood in the meridian is dark. There is a lump, the lump is accumulated in the abdomen, the tongue is dark, and there is a bruise. The pulse is stringy and astringent, which belongs to the endometriosis of qi stagnation and blood stasis. 
When treating endometriosis, women should mainly use the method of regulating qi and activating blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and relieving pain. They can use some herbs, including Angelica sinensis, ebony, red peony root, peach kernel, fructus aurantii, corydalis, cortex paeoniae, vanilla and other herbs, which have a good effect on endometriosis.
Treatment of endometriosis with the method of replenishing qi and activating blood circulation to remove blood stasis:
A long course of the disease characterizes endometriosis of qi deficiency and blood stasis type, abdominal pain, excessive pressing, dizziness, fatigue, less abdominal distension, soft fat tongue, teeth marks on the edge, or bluish, fat, thin and weak six veins. 
When treating endometriosis in traditional Chinese medicine, people should mainly use the method of replenishing qi, promoting blood circulation, and removing blood stasis. They can choose some herbs, like astragalus, atractylodes macrocephala, pollen, anemarrhena, zedoary turmeric, raw chicken's internal golds, and other traditional Chinese medicines. It has a good effect on treating endometriosis.
Treatment of endometriosis with the method of warming channels and dispersing cold, activating blood circulation, and removing blood stasis:
Endometriosis of cold coagulation and blood stasis type can be seen in the lower abdomen lumps, cold pain in the lower abdomen before or after menstruation, warm and chilly, less heat and pain, less menstruation, dark purple or bleeding, cold limbs, dark purple tongue, thin white fur, and tight pulse. 
In treating endometriosis, people should mainly use warming the meridians to dissipate cold, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. They can choose prescriptions, including fennel, trogopterus dung, angelica, Ligusticum wallichii, sanleng, red peony, cattail pollen, corydalis tuber, zedoary, and other traditional Chinese medicines, which have good effects on endometriosis.
In addition to the above traditional Chinese medicine decoction, patients can also choose the prepared TCM Fuyan Pill to suit their needs directly. Fuyan Pill can be considered for medication, which can effectively kill the possible pathogenic bacteria, promote the blood circulation within the patient's reproductive system, and accelerate the blood flow so that the symptoms of the patient's lower abdomen swelling pain and waist pain can be alleviated. And it can help patients improve the abnormal leucorrhea Symptoms of menorrhagia and prolonged periods.
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