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Endometriosis: Long-term Management of Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chemical Medicine

Endometriosis is a frequently occurring disease in women of childbearing age. It has a wide range of pathological changes and diverse forms, highly invasive and recurrent. 


What are the trends in the treatment of endometriosis?
Endometriosis is a complex disease in gynecology. The incidence rate is gradually increasing, and there is a tendency to be younger. The treatment of endometriosis still follows the 28 character principle of treatment: reduce and eliminate the focus, reduce and eliminate pain, protect and improve fertility and prevent recurrence during treatment. These are the main points.
In the latest guidelines for the treatment process, it is proposed to make an early diagnosis of endometriosis, that is, to move forward the treatment threshold, that is, to make a clinical diagnosis. Through gynecological examination and imaging, including some testing indicators, as long as it is clear that the clinical diagnosis of endometriosis is established, drugs can be used first. Conventional medicine application includes inhibition of gonadal axis function, including highly effective progesterone, GnRH-a, oral contraceptives, etc., and common prostaglandins, synthetic enzyme inhibitor indomethacin, etc.
Endometriosis requires long-term management. It is also mentioned that comprehensive treatment is also required in addition to long-term management of diseases. In addition to the treatment of these drugs mentioned just now, they can be used together with traditional Chinese medicine for comprehensive application, in which traditional Chinese medicine also plays a vital role.
The combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine can improve the benefits for patients, including comprehensive treatment. Based on the application of western medicine, the patient can combine with the comprehensive treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, including enema, oral, external application, intravenous, etc., so that patients can achieve long-term benefits.
At the same time, during the treatment of endometriosis, patients regularly review to prevent the malignant change of the disease. If there is a tendency for malignant disease, surgery should be carried out promptly, and patients should change the treatment plan for malignant disease.
How can patients manage endometriosis by combining traditional Chinese medicine with chemical medicine?
Endometriosis is a complex and common disease. In addition to standardized western medicine treatment, patients can cooperate with traditional Chinese medicine treatment on the basis of long-term management, achieving more beneficial results.
In the course of disease treatment, the dialectical method of traditional Chinese medicine can be adopted based on the application of western medicine. Because endometriosis is an ectopic endometrium planted outside the uterine cavity, its basic pathogenesis is the pathogenesis of blood stasis. 
According to the basic pathogenesis of blood stasis in clinical practice, combined with whether the patient is qi stagnation and blood stasis, cold coagulation and blood stasis, kidney deficiency, and blood stasis, damp heat stasis, or qi deficiency and blood stasis, combined with this individual dialectics and individual demands and needs, guided by clinical problems, patients can adopt traditional Chinese medicine.
The choice of traditional Chinese medicine is Fuyan Pill. It is mainly used to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, together with anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, and heat-clearing and detoxification prescriptions, to alleviate dysmenorrhea and other symptoms of patients. At the same time, the drug can reach the affected area directly and treat the disease from the root. 
In addition, Fuyan Pill, based on treating both symptoms and root causes, regulates the overall function, so it can completely cure the disease and enhance the disease resistance of patients. At the same time, it can clean up toxins in the uterus and improve the ability of natural reproduction.
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